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Having trouble setting up dreambox 800HD se

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#1 davus

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Posted 7 June 2012 - 04:52

Hi All,

Looking for a little help settings things up here. So hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. Newbie here.

Ive bought myself a dish (65cm), LNB, cable etc, and a Dreambox 800HD se with openpli on it.

Hardware: DM800SE
Image: Openpli 2.1
Kernel Version: 2.6.18
Enigma: May 7 2012
Last Upgrade SIM2 patch
Frontprocessor version: 1

Deteced NIMs: Tuner A:BCM4505 (DVB-S2)

I had a fair bit of trouble getting my dish aligned correctly, and im almost certain that had to do with my ignorance. I borrowed a friends "SatLink" to help get the job done, but after much time on the roof (and a few expletives), i decided to call in a local guy who has aligned the dish for me. Apparently I had the wrong settings on the SatLink when i was doing it.

I had it looking for the optus C1 satellite (im in australia), and it was using a frequency of 12305. (is it correct that this frequency is related to "TP1"?

Anyway, he changed it to be "TP3" within the satlink, which apparently uses a frequency of 11886. On this frequency, the guy who came over was able to get a good signal quality reading out of the SatLink (80% odd).

So, now i bring my cable inside, and plug it into the Dreambox......and im having trouble.

The area of the dreambox im currently working in is the "SatFinder". By defauly it seems to have a frequency set of 11386, which gives me poor results (oddly enough even with this setting I can successfully scan channels, but cannot see any pictures).

If i modify the satfinder page to read a frequency of 11886 (as per what the dish sligning guy advised he used), i get a solid SNR and AGC.
The problem im having is, im not sure how to save the new frequency setting of 11886??????. If i press the "menu" button, i get a message saying "Really close without saving settings". Obviously i want to save the settings, but not sure how.

Posted Image

So, in summary, can you guys see anything glaringly wrong with my setup? How do i save the frequency settings, and will this enable to to get a picture?

The fella who aligned the dish does satellite installs in my area all the time, and assures me the dish is correctly aligned.

Thanks guys. Any help would be much appreciated. Is there any other info i need to provide?


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Re: Having trouble setting up dreambox 800HD se #2 littlesat

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Posted 7 June 2012 - 07:06

Last Upgrade SIM2 patch

This is not about DM800SE, but about a clone box.... we do not support clones!!
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Re: Having trouble setting up dreambox 800HD se #3 davus

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Posted 7 June 2012 - 10:10

Thanks for the reply "littlesat".

Im using (as far as i can tell) openpli on my "clone dreambox"............This (as i understand) is an openpli forum.....yes?.

Am i missing something?. Perhaps you might be able to explain to me how the box im running it on effects why you may or may not be able to help?

Perhaps based on the information I have given, you could make provide an educated response as to wether or not the advice ive been given sounds viable?

If not, do you happen to know where I may be able to get support for the openpli running on my "clone" dreambox.?



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Re: Having trouble setting up dreambox 800HD se #4 PiratDK

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Posted 7 June 2012 - 15:12

Try asking where you got this box from.
OpenPli supports original boxes only.

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