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Deze categorie omschakelen PLi® Support

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[NL] Gebruikersondersteuning

Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor gebruikers van PLi® images en OpenPLi®

  • 13491 onderwerpen
  • 171599 reacties

[EN] Enduser support

English support for users of PLi® images and OpenPLi®

  • 11962 onderwerpen
  • 102329 reacties

[DE] Benutzerunterstützung

Deutsche Sprachenunterstützung für Benutzer von PLi® Bildern und OpenPLi®

  • 2172 onderwerpen
  • 12407 reacties

[EN] Rytec XMLTV and EPG support

Use this forum to discuss the XMLTV EPG service and the XMLTV import plugin

  • 2077 onderwerpen
  • 20513 reacties

Deze categorie omschakelen PLi® Development

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[EN] Third-Party Development

Discussions about scripts, plugins, enigma modifications, C++, Python, ...

  • 2025 onderwerpen
  • 39639 reacties


Discussions about skin development and modding. This forum is multi-lingual. Please use tags to mark a topic for a specific language.

  • 370 onderwerpen
  • 7552 reacties

Deze categorie omschakelen General Discussion

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[EN] The Lounge

Anything not related to OpenPLi support or development.
No topics off limits... but use English so everyone can follow, and be civil.

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