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Rytec e1-UK Updates


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#1 PaphosAL

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Posted 5 November 2010 - 10:33

@ Ryan and/or Willy:

Over on ukcvs.org - a couple of our gurus, LraiZer and Hotbaws, have banged heads and come up with a 100% working applet to give Rytec E1-UK EPG on the E1 Neutrino platform!!

However, there seems to be a problem with Rytec updates, where revised channel references are being maintained for E2, but not E1. I'll let LraiZer explain...

unlike radiotimes version with its random access limitation, the rytec version seems to be working 100% in testing for me also.

maybe you could also ask AL to investigate why rytec site states uk updates have been made in the last few days but only appear to have been updated on the enigma2 dat files and not updated on the enigma1 channel reference dat files. Rytec.be - Xmltv import plugin - dreambox enigma1 & enigma2 epg settings

the rytec version of the neuxmlepg plugin uses the enigma1 e1_uk.dat file from the rytec site as the reference file for adding/removing channels. no point in adding a menu itemto download latest channel reference files if they never going to be updated. have to manually edit the file to current changes.

Can you cast some light on this issue please, guys?

Cheers- AL Posted Image

Re: Rytec e1-UK Updates #2 doglover

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Posted 6 November 2010 - 14:08

It is absolutely correct that the enigma1 dat files are not up to date.
There are three reasons why this is the case:

1. The most simple. I do not have an enigma1 machine anymore. I have updated my DM600PVR to a VU+ duo which is enigma2. The fles have been updated up to the point that I replaced my enigma1 machine.

2. In the enigma1 importer there is a channel mapper provided, with which you can easily map the channels yourself. For the UK package the epg name is human readible (as oposed to the CSAT package where the majority have non-descriptive names)

3. The enigma1 importer limits the import to one channel per provided epg. For instance from Sky1 there are 7 different sky1 versions, which only differ by the commercials they broadcast. I can link the epg to all these but only the first instance will have the epg linked. And since I do not know which instance of sky1 you have selected into your bouquet, I do not know which sky1 to list first. So the end-result has always to be adapted by the user themselves.


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Re: Rytec e1-UK Updates #3 PaphosAL

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Posted 7 November 2010 - 11:08

Thanks for the explanation, Willy, and I understand what you're saying. From the information you've provided, LraiZer might hopefully come up with a dirty workaround, LOL!

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