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[Sky UK] Changes at 28E

Sky UK

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#1 Robinson

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Posted 7 June 2012 - 21:15

Recently, there have been several changes on Sky UK.

The following 4 references are no longer correct:
<channel id="Really.uk">1:0:1:1DC4:7DF:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel> <!-- Really -->
<channel id="FOXNews.uk">1:0:1:C357:7E3:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel> <!-- FOX News -->
<channel id="FOXNews.uk">1:0:1:1223:7EF:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel> <!-- FOX News -->
<channel id="CrimeAndInvestigationNetwork.uk">1:0:1:2484:7EF:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel> <!-- Crime and Investigation -->

Instead, use the following, please:
Really - 1_0_1_197B_7D6_2_11A0000_0_0_0
FOX News - 1_0_1_12C1_968_2_11A0000_0_0_0
Crime and Investigation - 1_0_1_12C2_968_2_11A0000_0_0_0

Also, there is a sports channel called Trace Sports - 1_0_1_1224_963_2_11A0000_0_0_0
The schedule is listed here as item 460: http://tv.sky.com/tv-guide
I'm not sure, though, if this website is useful for grabbing.

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Re: [Sky UK] Changes at 28E #2 doglover

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Posted 8 June 2012 - 10:04

But, the changes will b e only available after the weekend.


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Re: [Sky UK] Changes at 28E #3 rytec

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Posted 11 June 2012 - 09:25

done this morning
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