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epg convert to rytec

epg rytec export convert

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Re: epg convert to rytec #21 Lost in Space

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Posted 15 April 2019 - 20:11

Now it works with EPGExport Plugin without OpenWebIf ;)

Re: epg convert to rytec #22 doglover

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Posted 16 April 2019 - 12:35

As I am a vested interest in everything tot do with EPG, I installed the plug-in OPenPLi.


It seems to be working.

I can see that this plug-in can have its advantages.  After all, I even created a WG++ script to extract the EPG from a receiver.  This script needs a separate PC (linux or windows).


This plug-in (EPGExport) can be run on your STB.  And it is easier in use.

Not everybody has a need for this plug-in.


I did not try to import anything from the created files.  However looking at the files, I do not see why they would not import.



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Re: epg convert to rytec #23 Lost in Space

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Posted 16 April 2019 - 15:50

Thanks for your (positive) feedback ;)


Well, then you only tested 50% of the Plugins functionality. If you enable the WebInterface in the Plugin the enigma2 Box becomes an XMLTV Server, which can serve local clients like Kodi or Plex (or other enigma2 boxes of yours) but also some remote friends. The epgexport.source.xml you will in /etc/epgimport containing this local feed to be distributed to these clients.


But the usecase that I had in mind for you with your role as the the EPG collector (before distributing it), was slightly different.


EPGExport would allow a kind of spoke concept: People which are able to receice Arabic Channel xyz oder Asian Channel xyz would just need to enable this feature on their box, allow port forwarding of the choosen port (which is not the same then the standard webinterface if you use the Custom Webserver) then put these channels which your might have troubles grabbing in a small Bouquet and choose it to be exported in the EPGExport Plugin and you could easily collect the broadcasted EPG Data whenever your want.


If you create for them an customs.channels.xml with your preferred Channel IDs to be put in /etc/epgexport, the epgexport file would be already 100% in the format your prefer, without any need for further conversion or the requierement to run an extra PC, transfer files per hand, etc.


On the other hand this means also, that people could help themselves and quickly create their own XMLTV Server by transfering the files to some cheap webspace, to share their EPG and handle local needs, which should also better support the classic sharing concept and reduce the pressure on your to add this or that channel, despite only few people would really need it.


Therefore feel free to use it as you want, or not at all, I wasn't expecting any thanks or recommendations either.


It was just fun making it, because people where asking for such a functionality since years and the approach to parse the E2 Webinterface output for EPG data (in my opionion) might be natural for you, but it is not perfect when all the data is already available within the box.


Have fun,


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Re: epg convert to rytec #24 oottppxx

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Posted 9 May 2019 - 08:20

It appears I'm late to the party - I found this thread because I basically had the same idea as u/gutemine, for a better IPTV EPG based on DVB-S/T/C data, except I didn't (and still don't) intend to process anything on the box besides the minimum to make sure that the epg.dat has all the relevant info.


This file would then be collaboratively shared/uploaded to a centralized location by various users, and then all the files would be parsed and the XML would be generated. This central location would keep the mapping from sid/onid/tsid (the key for EPGCache) to Rytec-standard(?) channel names and could then generate the necessary XML feed(s). My idea would also include some remapping of channel id to tvg-id, on a per user basis, but this isn't essential to be centralized, and could be achieved on the user side in various ways.


I have some very basic Python code I intend to use (but not in an E2 plugin), currently just a translation of the code in the OpenATV epgcache.cpp file for load() methods and it seems to be working fine, more details to be ironed out once I have the time.


I'm also trying really hard to not go peek at the EPGExport plugin code, at least until I have finished some PoC :-)

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