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USB DVB-C Tuneer DVBSKY t330

dvb-c dvb-c tuner dvbsky xtrend dvb c usb usb tuner

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#1 bks

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Posted 20 January 2015 - 20:35


I need help. I have Xtrend ET9200 box. Openpli4 image, kernel 3.8.7, chipset BCM7405.

I have USB DVB-C/T/T2 tuner DVBSKY T330. I used it with my laptop and works good with Win 7.

Recently I understood, that I can use it with Enigma2 receivers.

I read a lot of information in Internet trying to installed it on my receiverr, but no sucess.


I install siano driver package ( according information siano supports BCM7405 chipset ), but after installation I can't find DVC USB tuner in the list with tuners.

So, if somebody use this type of stick with Openpli4, please to help me to installed it on my receiver.



PS.My Openpli version is from April 2014, but I don't want to update it, because after update in December 2014, plugin Subtitle player DDAMIR stop working. My wife use subplayer a lot and I don't want to update Openpli before issue with subplayer to be solved. So I don't use the latest version of Openpli and maybe I have not all latest drivers.



Re: USB DVB-C Tuneer DVBSKY t330 #2 athoik

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Posted 20 January 2015 - 21:42

Linux Kernel 3.19 will have support for T330.  https://git.kernel.o.../tags/v3.19-rc5


In versions < 3.19 (https://git.kernel.o...refs/tags/v3.18) you can see your self that T330 is missing.


So the kernel 3.8.7 is way too old.


OE-Alliance has a media-build recipe (https://github.com/o...vbsky_141106.bb) but according to dvbsky support  page (http://www.dvbsky.net/Support_linux.html) it's for 3.14.x ~ 3.17.0 kernels.


Acording to dvbsky support page they have the version media_build-bst-13-140619  for kernels 3.5.x ~ 3.13.0.


If you don't have an idea how to build the drivers your self using OpenPLi build environent it's "mission impossible"...

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Re: USB DVB-C Tuneer DVBSKY t330 #3 bks

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Posted 23 January 2015 - 14:42

Update: I succeed to activate the tuner, but I change the image from Openpli to Openatv. Openatv has plenty of drivers and much more plugins than Openpli. DVBSKY USB t330 tuner works perfectly with Openatv. I scan my cable tv provider and Tuner find all channels. Works perfect with conax, incl. HD channels. Other good point for Openatv is that DDamir subtitle player also works perfectly. This is the case with latest updates of Openpli...vary bad. Are Openpli think to improve your product and to keep me as user or I should forget them forever?

Re: USB DVB-C Tuneer DVBSKY t330 #4 jbnl

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 09:46

Maybe here you can find some info from DVBsky



Re: USB DVB-C Tuneer DVBSKY t330 #5 zeros

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 10:13

DDAMIR works fine with PLi, just for info ;-)
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Re: USB DVB-C Tuneer DVBSKY t330 #6 Vitaly_k

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Posted 19 May 2016 - 14:09

Whether it is possible to work DvbSky T330 on the old-kernel 3.9.6 devices (Vu+ Uno,Solo,Duo) ?

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