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Some toughts about Enigma2 stream to Chromecast

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#1 Gizmopower

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Posted 26 January 2016 - 23:03

Just woundering...
What would be awsome is Enigma2 OpenWebIf with support for Chromecast.

Is this possible?

I know it is possible to stream the link within the stream.m3u file, I just did it today...

I manage to stream a HD channel with a Transcoding setup:  Bitrate of 2000000 and 720p

It is a bit tricky but works really well actually. But U have to remote it thrue a pc with a program called EnjoyCast.TV


This would make it easy to stream to other rooms, if not cheap!

Have a nice day :)


Re: Some toughts about Enigma2 stream to Chromecast #2 Erik Slagter

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Posted 27 January 2016 - 13:28

If chromecast can process a transport stream in a http stream...

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Re: Some toughts about Enigma2 stream to Chromecast #3 Gizmopower

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Posted 5 January 2017 - 07:57

Hello again.

@Erik Slagter

I think it could, but it may need a little decoding help....


After some more research, I found a more stable way to stream from enigma2 to chromecast

This was done on a Android phone, but I assume that it would be same on an Iphone, but not tested..

You need 2 applications from Play (Or appstore)


Dreamdroid and BubbleUpnp


Do the settings on dreamdroid and assure you have a stable stream on your phone from your Enigma2 box
Then under settings -Video player- , uncheck -Integrated video player-

Choose your Chromecast under the -Renderer- tab (you will off course need to be on the same network)

Then go to -Settings-, choose  -Chromecast- 

In -Transecode settings- check -Transcode unsupported Chromecast media to a compatible format-

Then in -Video encoding speed- choose -Ultra fast (use less CPU)-

Now you can zap to your favorite channel with Dreamdroid, and when you stream, you need to choose to play it in BubbleUpnp
BubbleUpnp will then fetch the stream and output it to your Chromecast selected before..
The quality is great as well. No lags.

You can also choose language, but I hav not found any way to get subtitles from the stream.

What this means is that this is fully possible to stream from Enigma2 to chromecast. But it may always be rely of an device to transcode...


Have a nice day :)

Edited by Gizmopower, 5 January 2017 - 07:58.

Re: Some toughts about Enigma2 stream to Chromecast #4 Gizmopower

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Posted 6 January 2017 - 07:14

I see now that you can skip this line: -Then in -Video encoding speed- choose -Ultra fast (use less CPU)--
That option is only available if you run a BubbleUpnp server, wich i did on my Synology NAS.
I removed the BubbleUpnp server package on my NAS and that option is now not available
But it dident make any difference. It streams great on most channels 
I see tho, that on some channels it will not decode properly, only halv screen.

And btw. Dreamdroid is only for Android, should have know by the name :)

Re: Some toughts about Enigma2 stream to Chromecast #5 Pr2

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Posted 9 January 2017 - 21:27



Check here athoik point an interesting application that will probably need efforts to be ported to STB:





NO SUPPORT by PM, it is a forum make your question public so everybody can benefit from the question/answer.


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Re: Some toughts about Enigma2 stream to Chromecast #6 athoik

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Posted 9 January 2017 - 22:34

Yes, better to use https://githubcom/01org/wds !

It compiles but sink-test crashes... although wifi initial negotiation part works (my receiver shown on mobile!)

Bitbake can be found here: https://github.com/0.../wds/issues/162

Also the folowing extra config required for wpa_supplicant.
--- a/meta-openpli/recipes-connectivity/wpa-supplicant/wpa-supplicant_2.%.bbappend
+++ b/meta-openpli/recipes-connectivity/wpa-supplicant/wpa-supplicant_2.%.bbappend
@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@ SRC_URI += " \
 do_configure_append() {
         sed -e '/^CONFIG_TLS = gnutls/d' -i wpa_supplicant/.config
         echo "CONFIG_DEBUG_SYSLOG=y" >> wpa_supplicant/.config
+       echo "CONFIG_P2P=y" >> wpa_supplicant/.config
+       echo "CONFIG_WIFI_DISPLAY=y" >> wpa_supplicant/.config
 do_install_append() {
         rm -rf ${D}${sysconfdir}/network/if-*.d

Edited by athoik, 9 January 2017 - 22:36.

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Re: Some toughts about Enigma2 stream to Chromecast #7 Gizmopower

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Posted 11 January 2017 - 19:25

Thank you both. .Very interesting..

With the metod i mentioned above, (Dreamdroid and BubbleUpnp) I today streamed a HD channel from my STB (VuDuo2) to another location.(Not Lan), completly flawless and great quality.

But here you mention Miracast. I am not familiar with that. I guess it is similar to Chromecast?
Will this metod also work with Chromecast.

I have never compiled before so i need to read me up on that... :)

I do hope there will be development on this

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