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Dish rotor (usals)

dish rotor usals

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#1 Jan Gruuthuse

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Geplaatst op 5 februari 2016 - 09:56

Before updating online: make a system backup, so eventually you can restore your current usals setup.

After today's update something went wrong I lost 23.5°E and could not correct what was wrong.

Restoring system backup solved my problem.

No idea what did go wrong.

Veranderd door Jan Gruuthuse, 5 februari 2016 - 09:57

3 * xp1000 OpenPli 4.0 + usb 3.0 stick 64 GB, fixed lnb 28.2E, 23.5E ,19.2E ,16E, 13E, 9E, 4.8E, n4100pro 12 TB

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