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Descrambling multiple services with Formuler F3 CI+ 1.3 CAM-1670 Viaccess 060A00

ci+ formuler viaccess descramble content key

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Posted 11 April 2016 - 14:36

Hi! Really sorry for a lot of text, I've highlighted all the key moments.
I need some help to find out if it's even possible to continually watch 2 different encrypted channels with my current setup, which is right below.
Formuler F3 with Smit CI+ 1.3 CAM-1670 and Viaccess 060A00 card.
I can watch and stream and/or record one encrypted channel as long as I want - no problem.
But then I tried to stream one encrypted channel while watching another: the 1st channel worked less than an hour before image froze on a screen, while the 2nd continued to stream without any problems.
Later tried some different orders: 1st stream 2nd zap, or zap to FTA and stream 2 encrypted, but problem remained - 1st channel to be descrambled will die in less than an hour.
Also tried to zap to 1st encrypted channel, then stream 2nd and 3rd - this time 1st channel died right when 3rd was started, and 2nd died as always in less than an hour, leaving only 3rd streaming all alone.
Searched all available settings, tried to change some most interesting - didn't help.
I tried OpenHDF and OpenATV as well, problem is the same.
Finally while trying one more time to see any useful settings - found suspicious string in CI+ Info: Content Key Lifetime: 3600s
Experimentally I confirmed my guess that it's exactly CI+ tricks - the longest time I can watch two channels is right 1 hour, then descrambling of the 1st channel stops.
Can anybody tell if there is a way to make CI+ continue descrambling 1st channel after an hour without stopping?
Because it's strange that it's possible to do it at least an hour - if "those" guys didn't want me to watch 2 channels they would just do the same trick that happens when I try to watch 3 channels - the 1st one insta dies.
Or maybe someone will confirm that there is nothing that can be done in this case and one channel is all I have.
Any thoughts will be much appreciated.
How and why I got Smit CI+ 1.3 and Viaccess 060A00 hardware-set
NTV Plus, the provider I'm interested in, will soon switch to dvb-s2 last of their dvb-s transponders, so my non-mpeg4 card will be useless, it's also marked for a replacement and will be disabled in June by NTV Plus.
I bought their mpeg4-set, which could be either receiver or CI+ module and their Viaccess smartcard.
I could have bought cam-module or receiver myself, but it should be from their allowed list and they would only send me card after I tell them serial number of my hardware and they lock my new card to that serial number before sending it to me.
Here is the list of "recommended", better called "only-allowed", hardware:
Sagemcom DSI74 HD
Opentech OHS1740V
Sagemcom DSI87 HD
CI+ CAM Viaccess
Sagemcom DSI87-1 HD
Humax VHDR-3000S
OScam doesn't work
I tried to use it with oscam, it initializes without any problems, that's how I found out it's provid is 060A00, but card doesn't want to give any keys. I guess it's paired/locked with that CI+ ntvplus gave me. Errors in oscam live log are like this: "not found key to use is not the current"
Maybe I should do some additional configuration in OScam to make that 060A00 card work, but I fear it's locked to work only with that CI+ module.
I have one more NTV Plus Viaccess 050100 card which works perfectly in OScam, i can watch and stream 2 channels without any problems with it. But it's mpeg2 only. And soon will be disabled, as I told before.
Here is what official CI Plus Specification docs says about that suspicious line:
Content Key Lifetime
The maximum key lifetime parameter is controlled by the CA system, which is out of scope of this specification. The countdown from this value is maintained by the CICAM which triggers the CCK refresh process.
The countdown proceeds ONLY whilst the CICAM is scrambling content. This ensures that the Content Key is not
recalculated when it is not being used.
Is there a way to make CI+ module generate that nasty 3600s/1hour Content Key for two channels continually without stopping descrambling any of them?
Maybe someone can suggest another hardware set that will work in my case (but NTV Plus didn't really left much choice).

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