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VU+ 4K OpenPli 4.0 DISEQ 1/8 PROBLEM

VU+ DISEQ OpenPli 4 Setup

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#1 aaget

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Geplaatst op 19 juni 2016 - 12:32

Hi there. I realy need help from you experts. I have tried different ways of connecting 5 LNBs to my Vu+ 4k and OpenPli 4 without getting any result.

LNB1-0.8w LNB2-4.8E LNB3-13.0E LNB4-19.2E LNB5-28.2E. As you can see, i use a 1/8 Diseq.

In my advansed configuration setup,  i define each LNB as 1-5 and try to use the 1.1 setup with diseq command 1-5 according to the LNB numbers. but i only get signal whatsoever i do on the first LNB. Please give me a clue heren to solve this. Anybody have an Idea?

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Veranderd door aaget, 19 juni 2016 - 12:34

Re: VU+ 4K OpenPli 4.0 DISEQ 1/8 PROBLEM #2 gerard0610

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Geplaatst op 19 juni 2016 - 12:46

Try :

DiSEqC order " DiSeqC 1.1, DiSEqC 1.0,tonebrust".

Veranderd door gerard0610, 19 juni 2016 - 12:51

Re: VU+ 4K OpenPli 4.0 DISEQ 1/8 PROBLEM #3 Satpal

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Geplaatst op 19 juni 2016 - 12:48

Although I had 3 generations of this same switch I had the same problem after I bought another one last week. On one of the sides are two little switches that decide which mode the switch operates in. By default it's set to Disecq 1.0. You should have gotten instructions with it that explain how to set it to 1.1 mode. I believe it was first up/second down, maybe the other way around.

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