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LogoMatik[E-A] - Enigma2 Logo Program (XorioN)

XorioN LogoMatik

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#1 xorion

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Posted 20 November 2016 - 22:11





You can download the new version of LogoMatik [E-A], ie Logo replacement program for E2 devices from below.

Click the "Scan E2 STB" button you can retrieve all the logos of your device which you have connected according to the information you have made in the ftp settings, save them as images and MVI, and modify and send your device again.

If you see a name such as "backdrop (link bootlogo)" in the name of the logos you get from your device, that image is the same as the bootlogo image, and uses the same mvi as the bootlogo.mvi file. Already in the program that logo can not be changed and will appear blurry. You can also see in the picture above.

If you change the logo of your device, you must convert it to MVI with "Convert To MVI" button before sending it with "FTP Upload" button, then you can send your device.

With Free Logo button, you can save the desired pictures by converting them to MVI file without connecting your device.

With the "MVI to Jpg" button on the top right, you can convert the selected MVI file to a picture and save it as picture.

I tested the program with Blackhole, VTI, OpenPli and OpenSpa images with my Vu-Uno device. I do not know how to get results from other brand E2 devices because images like Vti or OpenPli have logos in a folder called "vuplus-bootlogo". So I do not know what will happen to devices like Dreambox, GigaBlue.

The program is still in beta..

I used some 3rd party components in the program and I embed them. For this reason the size is a little big.

The program will run on Windows Vista and above.


Click to Download

Re: LogoMatik[E-A] - Enigma2 Logo Program (XorioN) #2 ferpresutti

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Posted 5 February 2017 - 11:17

I am using Open HD Freaks image but there is no way to change the bootlogo with the "E2 LogoMatik" It comes back when I scan the backdrop image is blured.


Can I get some help?


Thanks and have a nice day

Re: LogoMatik[E-A] - Enigma2 Logo Program (XorioN) #3 rubeni

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Posted 29 April 2017 - 17:38

hello thanks .


about 3840x2160 ?

Re: LogoMatik[E-A] - Enigma2 Logo Program (XorioN) #4 uncinogb

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Posted 7 December 2017 - 09:35

I have tried this excellent utility and I am really impressed wtih it. I have come across a problem though and wonder if I am doing something wrong or I am missing some setups.

I have tested my ftp connection and saved it. It is correct. I can upload the mvi images from the box and save them. All good so far. I can then select new images as jpg and load the 6 boxes, then convert to mvi but cannot ftp to the box as the "ftp upload" button remains stubbornly unavailable. I tried all posible combinations, but the ftp button never turns on. Help please

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