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mutant hd51 software update and plugin download problem (and more...)

software update plugin download usb harddisk

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#1 keepitsimple

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Geplaatst op 17 februari 2017 - 20:31

Got a new mutant 51 from online dealer.


First I was not shure what kind of image is installed,

but trying the online update function showed:


status of current beta image could not be checked


can not be reached


(The network is configured properly via

ethernet, and I can also log in via telnet)


if I try setup->software update->yes

(Do you want update your receiver?)


I have errors like.:

opkg_download_backend: Failed to download http://downloads.pli...rty/Packages.gz



I am also unable to install plugins,

I think there is also a "bad" URL somewhere

in the system.


I can't find any place via menu or

"inside" the box (via telnet) to configure

the relevant settings.


Also recording to usb does not work,

timeshift works after manually mounting

usb /dev/sda1 to /media/hdd

(Also created /media/hdd/movie without success)


Information->About shows:



kernel  4.4.0



=   20160922110048


How can I SECURE backup (I want to be able

to sent a working box back to drealer)  the image and install a

new one?


All I want is a STABLE box, with 2 tuners,

using usb, timeshift and record funtionality.


Thanks in advance!!




Re: mutant hd51 software update and plugin download problem (and more...) #2 WanWizard

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Geplaatst op 17 februari 2017 - 20:41

Whatever it is, it is not an OpenPLi image, it looks like it is made with our sources but compiled without feeds, just with a copy of our configuration.


Download the latest HD51 image from our homepage, and flash it.

Currently in use: VU+ Duo 4K (2xFBC S2), VU+ Solo 4K (1xFBC S2), Mutant HD66SE (S2+T2), (Octagon SF8008 (S2+T2), Zgemma H9.2H (S2+T2)

Due to my bad health, for the forseeable future I will no longer be active. I will not read the forum or PM.

Many answers to your question can be found in our new and improved wiki.

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