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DVB-C TV tuner advice

DVB-C TV tuner TBS 5881

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Posted 12 April 2017 - 12:32

Hi everyone,
I'm new to this and have a lot to learn, so please bare with me.
Also, I do hope it's appropriate to post this on this forum.
What I am seeking for purchase is a DVB-C TV tuner (preferably external) which can be connected to the PC and which can decode encrypted channels. The main reason for this is not only to just view TV channels on PC, but also to be able to cap different shows (probably using DVBviewer). So I will be using the coaxial cable and the CI card received from the cable provider.
By searching and also after a few recommendations received, I have concluded that what would best fit my needs is an external TV Tuner TBS 5881.
There's just something I don't understand about it. In product description it says that it supports both Free to Air channels and Pay TV channels which get decrypted by the CI card. On the other hand, there is a comment here which mentions that CI+ cards are not supported. To my knowledge, the difference between CI and CI+ cards was that the CI+ card decrypts encrypted channels... which is what this tv tuner is supposed to do based on their product description.
I'm confused regarding the capability of this product to decrypt encrypted channels. Of course I'm not expecting it to decrypt encrypted channels that are not part of my paid monthly cable subscription, but any other encrypted channels which are apart of my cable subscription and which can normally be viewed using the provider's STB... those I expect to be decrypted.
I would also like to know if using this tuner DVBviewer will losslessly cap both video and audio streams (including multi-channel Dolby Digital) without any transcoding being involved.
Thank you and if you have any other recommendations of TV tuners, I'm open to suggestions!

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