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@mx3L: Kodi works in ET10K!

Kodi Xtrend 10000 ET10000 kodiext mx3L

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Posted 2 May 2017 - 15:52

Well bloody done, m8!


https://github.com/mx3L/kodiext - thanx to Franc, who alerted me to this novelty! ;)


There are some issues, of course - but a great step forward!!!


If you are interested in improving it with other people involved, may I warmly recommend Delfi from PowerBoard, who single-handedly ported Kodi 17 when it was still Beta, to WeTek!


So, in my ET10K, with PBNIGMA 6.1 (1080p AV setting) Kodi starts in a reduced format (kinda half the screen), even when I go through settings and try to pull it over the whole screen with 1080P etc. Only when I reduce the resolution of E2 to 720P, then Kodi is full screen (thanx Franc, for the tip!).


NFS mounting does not budge but UPnP does mount my Synology NAS shared folders and a film plays well, including the subtitles.


More later, as I explore - right now I couldn't do more, sadly...


THANX!!!! :)

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