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Installation Wizard (6.2): some remarks

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Posted 14 May 2018 - 11:22



I just flash a brand new STB with 6.2 image and here are some remarks about the wizard:


1) No network: small issues


1.1) We cannot run several time the check network test without going back to previous menu and re-enter it.


I forgot to connect the LAN cable so of course the test fails (normal), then I plug the cable press EXIT to close the message wait a little bit perform the test again (by pressing OK): test failed), wait longer test still failed.

I need to go back to previous Wizard screen to start again the network test and it was then successful.

So while we are already in the network test, we cannot run it several time once it fails the very first time it always fails. 


1.2) IP address is not displayed properly


The test went OK after going back in Wizard and starting over the network test but when the test is successful the IP address is displayed as ( which is of course wrong.


2) DVB-S tuner not configured, why propose to install pre-defined satellite channel list?


I set the internal unique DVB-S tuner to not configured, in the Wizard since I had just connected the DVB-C cable on it, but the Wizard propose to install pre-defined satellite list (Astra...) this is a non-sense since DVB-S is not configured on this box.



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Re: Installation Wizard (6.2): some remarks #2 WanWizard

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Posted 14 May 2018 - 11:30

In the Dutch forum another installwizard issue is reported: https://forums.openp...e-2#entry885904 which seems to be related to the network not being available.


I think as to 2: the image is not aware of what a setting lists defines, I wouldn't know how to detect if it contains service refs supported by the box or not.

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