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Plugin explanation

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#1 nisseH

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Posted 7 July 2018 - 11:37



I'm new with OpenPLi image and all it's functions.

There also so many new functions, plugins, skins, picon and so on.

I have used LT7 image until now but the system crashed so I had to install a new image.


Is there a Wiki or any other place that lists and explain all known plugins?

And if OpenPLI has a own page, lists all OpenPLI plugins and other third-party plugins that works with OpenPLI image, but also which plugins that NOT works with OpenPLI and why they NOT work with OpenPLI.


I would be a huge help if there is a such list, because it's not always self explained what a specific plugin do.

I think it would be a huge help for other newbees also so it would be a good thing to pin a thread with links to such place even if it isn't a OpenPLi place.



best regards


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Re: Plugin explanation #2 Persian Prince

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Posted 7 July 2018 - 11:51

Isn't LT image ancient? Which STB do you have?


PLi's wiki is here: https://wiki.openpli.org/Main_Page

If you like my post click on green arrow :)


Open Vision image for your STB: https://github.com/OpenVisionE2

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