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#1 cavallino2004

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Posted 7 September 2018 - 15:20

Sono nuovo e saluto tutti.

Possiedo Zgemma H7S con openpli 6.2.

Quando apro un canale dalla lista e successivamente ritorno nella lista viene evidenziato in canale posto nella posizione precedente.

Come devo fare per evitare questo spsotamento.



I'm new and I greet everyone.

I own Zgemma H7S with openpli 6.2.

When I open a channel from the list and then return to the list it is highlighted in the channel in the previous position.

How should I avoid this spasm?

Thank you

Re: Channel list #2 WanWizard

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Posted 7 September 2018 - 15:22

You probably open the list with the "up-arrow" button, which opens on the previous item so you can immediately select it. Instead, use the bouquet/channel buttons if you don't want that.

Many answers to your question can be found in our new and improved wiki.

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Re: Channel list #3 Pr2

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Posted 7 September 2018 - 15:29

There is an option to fix this behavior:


Go into: Parameter > System > GUI parameters > User Interface


Change the: cursor behaviour in channel list  and set it to keep the service.



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