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timers and tuner assignment problems

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Posted 13 March 2019 - 11:02

OK, here we are again.

I have been noticing that sometimes recordings seem to fail, resulting in black screens when being played back. So I've done some testing and I think I've found the problem : it's linked to timer sanity and enigma assigning tuners to starting timer recordings.

first my setup : I have 1 FBC tuner (2 inputs "A" & "B", 6 linked tuners "C"-"H") and 1 DVB-S2X tuner (1 input "I")

in my setup tuner assignmet is set to "auto" :

Attached File  enigma timers 13.jpg   179.87KB   1 downloads


for this test, I start 5 manual recordings on 3 different satellites :

Attached File  enigma timers 1.jpg   181.03KB   1 downloads


as you can see, this is perfectly possible :

#1 BBC one on 28E takes tuner "A'"

#2 Vitaya on 23.5E takes tuner "B"

#3 NPO2 on 23.5E takes tuner "C"

#4 ITV3 on 28E takes tuner "D"

#5 BBC FIRST on 13E takes tuner "I"


all recordings are running correctly.

now I plan timers for these recordings, in the following sequence :

#1 "a" starts 9:55 on BBC ONE

#2 "b" starts 9:56 on BBC FIRST

#3 "c" starts 9:57 on Vitaya

#4 "d" starts 9:58 on ITV3

#5 "e" starts 9:59 on NPO2


this is where it goes wrong :

Attached File  enigma timers 2.jpg   136.21KB   1 downloads


I'm getting a timer conflict on recording "e" - yet as I have already tested with the direct recordings this combination of stations is possible with my tuner configuration !

My guess is that enigma2 or the timer conflict process is assuming tuner "B" to BBC FIRST, and not tuner "I" which is also free at that moment. As such, the tuners "C"-"H" are now reserved for either 28E or 13E, and as Vitaya will take tuner "I" in this logic there is no free tuner any more on 23.5E to start the NPO2 recording.


to solve the issue, I had to de-activate the "b" timer of BBC FIRST, and I created a new one :

#6 "f" starts 10:00 on BBC FIRST

Attached File  enigma timers 4.jpg   135.88KB   1 downloads


now this sequence is accepted, as Vitaya will now take tuner "B" so that NPO2 can take tuner "D". the new "f" recording on BBC FIRST will take tuner "I".


so in fact the timer conflict check and/or enigma recording tuner assignments seem to assume the wrong tuners when checking for any conflicts. Recording combinations which are possible are being rejected by this.

I'm not sure if anything can be done for this, but it is a nuissence - it also triggers the creation of de-activated timers by the autotimer plugin.

and I have also found another problem which I will explain in another thread.


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