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OpenPli 8 DM 8000 dvd driver not working

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Re: OpenPli 8 DM 8000 dvd driver not working #21 64pippo

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Posted 5 March 2021 - 19:30


Thank you for your answer, i will check oscam,but what do i have to do in 7.3 release to have the cd and dvd information about title,artist etc.,sorry i didn´t understand it.




You can change the url in setup menu plugin (CDDB server hostname) to gnudb.gnudb.org, that should do the trick.


thank you that was the BIG TRICK.

Re: OpenPli 8 DM 8000 dvd driver not working #22 soidog2

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Posted 6 March 2021 - 02:03



For an old beast like the DM8000 hardly of any interest any more... How many are still in active use anyhow??

I will happily accept a donation for a new machine.
Thank you for your concern.

Wasn't meant in a mean way... The DM8000 is now 10+ years old.. You should have saved in that time some money to invest in a new box.. Technology changes rapidly, so do the new functions. The DM8000 has a 405Mhz dual core chip.. Why expect it to perform modern functions.... Simply get a modern box..


Short answer

Where I live (SE Asia) the government taxes everything to death 200% + so the incentive to buy genuine products is next to nil. Chinese copies and & IP boxes are available for 1/10 of the genuine products.

I did not use this box in years, just took it out  to see how far I can push it, so far its quite competitive with newer products.

Best Regards

Re: OpenPli 8 DM 8000 dvd driver not working #23 mimisiku

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Posted 6 March 2021 - 13:00

So you'ld rather endorce cheap and illegal knock-offs??? Nice!!
Met één been in het graf..... Helaas

Re: OpenPli 8 DM 8000 dvd driver not working #24 soidog2

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Posted 7 March 2021 - 12:32

From the point of view of 'tinkering' and 'optimizing' it is precisely these older boxes that are interesting.
Problems can be seen more quickly and the successes are also clearer.
If you can manage that everything works here, then it's a good thing.
As with the old Xtrend.

The weirdness continues.


Since I could not get anywhere with the DVD drive, I made an extra config in /etc/udev with the three lines Wan Wizard posted here: https://github.com/O...b6c777b49985f0a.

Upon reboot, If a disk (dvd or cd) is inserted the prompt to play media pops up (screen shots attached).


The weird part is, if a CD is inserted and I hit play, it attempts to play but nothing happens, it tries playing every track all the way to the last track in about 10 seconds.

In dream explorer, if I click on the drive, it goes to the list of storage devices without accessing the drive content.


If a DVD is inserted and I hit play, it simply ignores the command and the box resumes regular TV.

The DVD title is visible in dream explorer but again content is not accessible.


Thank you & best regards

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