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Openwebif does not work externally

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#1 georgimv

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Posted 25 November 2021 - 03:57

On my dm920 and openplay 11 openwebif does not work from external ip. There is no problem with homework. I set a different port in the plugin that I opened in the router. The web interface opens from home, but on the other hand it doesn't work and gives me an error-Forbidden 403.6 IP address rejected

Re: Openwebif does not work externally #2 mimisiku

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Posted 25 November 2021 - 05:10

And be glad that it did… Use VPN to have at least some protection and never EVER do a simple port-forwarding!

Met één been in het graf..... Helaas

Re: Openwebif does not work externally #3 s3n0

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Posted 25 November 2021 - 11:12



It depends on the settings of your router. You probably have something wrong with the router. What router do you own ?


I assume you have a public IP address. Ie. that your network is not hidden behind another network node (another router - server) at your provider. So the WAN IP address of your router must be accessible from the Internet.


It is best to use port forwarding. For example, you set the WAN side port to 8111 and, if possible, limit the group of IP addresses from which you will be allowed to connect. Then you forward this WAN port 8111 (as an example), to port 80 in the local network - to a specific set-top box (IP address) on which OpenWebif is running.


However, I agree with @misisiku that opening or forwarding ports from WAN to LAN is dangerous. It would be ideal to use a VPN network in which you have your computers and where you always have everything secured, controlled and password protected ! A good and very simple free-VPN network, such as ZeroTier (also available for Enigma2).

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