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Polish EPG - New source

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Re: Polish EPG - New source #21 azman

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Posted 27 March 2023 - 22:38

Sorry for the double post, I can't edit the previous one.
If the RytecTeam group believes that I am doing it wrong or that I introduce some chaos, or that there are any ambiguities regarding my activities with the creation of EPG, please comment and point out the mistakes I make.
I am only human and I am not infallible.
Just engage in a constructive discussion and point out the errors or point out my misconceptions that go against your policy.
I do not discuss with Mr. @saha8.

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Re: Polish EPG - New source #22 doglover

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Posted 28 March 2023 - 07:18

I do not have any problems on how you do it.

In this case IPTV channels:  This sort of channels are always a problem.  IPTV does not have service refs.  They have to be assigned by the user.

In the past I have used fake ones, by the lack of something better.


Now you have used the DVB-T service refs for the TVP-3 regional channels.  This is perfectly OK.  In fact even better.

(I did not have these to begin with).


So no problem here.

And if some-one wants to stick to other service refs for some channels.  There is a solution.  They can be added to the custom.channels.xml file.

Channels entered in this file will always be linked.

Edited by doglover, 28 March 2023 - 07:20.

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Re: Polish EPG - New source #23 needz

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Posted 20 November 2023 - 17:04

azman, it seems that at least these channels are showing wrong description (<desc> tag), could you please check what could be wrong with the grabber? Thanks

TVP Historia
TVP Kultura
TVP Seriale
TVP Dokument
TVP Wilno
TVP Kobieta
Canal+ Sport
Canal+ Sport 2
Canal+ Sport 3
Canal+ Sport 4
Eleven Sports 1
Ale Kino+
Filmbox Extra
Filmbox Premium
Filmbox Family
Filmbox Action
Filmbox Arthouse
Kino TV
Paramount Channel

Re: Polish EPG - New source #24 azman

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Posted 20 November 2023 - 20:55

Hi @needz
For all the channels you mentioned, I obtain the schedule from https://tv.wp.pl/
I have now looked through (20:50) the epg of these channels and it is consistent with what is presented in the guide on the WP Program page.
Try deleting all your epg (epg.dat file) first and then download the guide again using the plugin.
Sometimes it is also worth restarting the GUI box after downloading the epg.
If you still have problems with the correct EPG for the channels, write to me and we will look for the causes of the error.

Edited by azman, 20 November 2023 - 21:01.

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