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How to use 2 tuners

22 November 2016 - 18:58

I am using 3 tuners in Duo2. One twin tuner each with DiseqC switches for my loved PAP, most of them are dual LNBs and a single tuner, the LNB is on a separate dish and independent rotor with controller. I some cases I wanted to scan satellites already scanned with dual tuner. With the first satellite no problem, when I want to scan the next one I got the message "XY satellite not in use anymore would you like to delete it"? I choose no to all. On this way I lost satellite which is on the dual tuner, and can not scan that on the single either. Am I missed something? Can I scan all satellites are available on motorized independent dish?


Positioner setup on duo2

19 December 2015 - 23:41

In the 3 tuner box I want to setup the single tuner with Strong diseqc controller. No usals, diseqc 1.2, lnb1 is set. What are the steps and sequence could not figure it out. Mechanical limits are set on the motor, could set the electrical ones from menu but lost when move the motor east or west. 

There is lnb1 on the diseqc swithes, working fine.