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VU+ 4K OpenPli 4.0 DISEQ 1/8 PROBLEM

19 juni 2016 - 12:32

Hi there. I realy need help from you experts. I have tried different ways of connecting 5 LNBs to my Vu+ 4k and OpenPli 4 without getting any result.

LNB1-0.8w LNB2-4.8E LNB3-13.0E LNB4-19.2E LNB5-28.2E. As you can see, i use a 1/8 Diseq.

In my advansed configuration setup,  i define each LNB as 1-5 and try to use the 1.1 setup with diseq command 1-5 according to the LNB numbers. but i only get signal whatsoever i do on the first LNB. Please give me a clue heren to solve this. Anybody have an Idea?