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In Topic: Network Mountpoint problems

3 December 2018 - 19:21

need also smb 1.0 in w10 which is uninstalled per dafult now

In Topic: Crash 6.2

3 December 2018 - 14:28

Install autofs  (opkg install autofs). For management you can use ManagerAutofs plugin (see our wiki) - similar as mountmanager, but for autofs.

I am using autofs only on my all boxes.

I do too , autoFS ftw :)

In Topic: Crash 6.2

3 December 2018 - 08:32

AutoFS is not installed by default on OpenPLi, but normally you should be able to mount your Windows share without it. Mounting CIFS share is standard in OpenPLi.

Go to the network browser which is in expert mode, browse your network and mount your PC HDD.

Yes i could that , but that option is to buggy for me and my share, autoFS is the best mounting option for openPLi [emoji39][emoji106]

In Topic: Crash 6.2

2 December 2018 - 13:46


As part of the options list, so

PC-*****    -fstype=cifs,ro,user=******,pass=******,iocharset=utf8,codepage=cp850    ://  ?

nah does not work , there is a problem in the syntax, it does not recognize the share now

In Topic: Crash 6.2

2 December 2018 - 13:09

Can you add


to your cfis mount, and see if that fixes the accented character issue?

ok but where

PC-*****    iocharset=utf8,codepage=cp850 -fstype=cifs,ro,user=******,pass=******   ://  ?