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#742927 Why is OpenPLi terrestrial.xml abandoned?

Geplaatst door nightflyer aan 20 juli 2017 - 11:36


So e2 needs to handle multiple same tsid/onid :)

No, because the transponder is identical so no point. I made a plugin that only scans the strong one... but that's a different story.


I just wondered why PLi never bothered to maintain these files, at least for major cities.


Actually the assumption that the transponder is identical is wrong.


In Italy DVB-T, local RAI3 versions have the same service reference. So you can only get one using enigma2


More info here (in Italian):


#611383 Is DAB+ supported in OpenPLi?

Geplaatst door nightflyer aan 5 november 2016 - 17:02

A friend of mine ask me if it is possible to receive DAB+ radio station in OpenPLi.


Looking into the packages list I couldn't find any plugin referring to DAB(+).


So question is:

- is it any plan to include also support for DAB+ in the future?


It should be possible and I'm personally working on this. You need at least rtl-sdr, eti-tools and dabtools. You may also want dablin and etisnoop.


In this way it should also be possible to listen DAB Satellite feeds directly on the STB.


Now I have to record the whole feed with dvbsnoop and then later (e.g. not live) play it using ts2na, na2ni and dablin_gtk on a Linux machine.


I also tried to use netcat to directly stream from dvbsnoop on the STB to the linux machine but it stutters.