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In Topic: HELP NEEDED: Offline decoding

4 December 2021 - 14:38

VU+ Duo 4K.

Offline decoding via softcam : Unable to test

Offline decoding via CI+ : Yes


However, I think the testing procedure is flawed.

The testing procedure only checks if you can play back the recorded encoding.

In a real-life scenario this is not very useful, it assumes that you will play back the recording very quickly afterwards (before the keys change).

Offline recording is only really useful if you can have the recording decoded, so that you can play it back whenever you like.


If I test it with this way, the answer is


Offline decoding via CI+ : No for OpenPLi, but Yes for VTI.

In Topic: Unreliable switching between CI+ cards VU+ DUO 4KSE

27 November 2021 - 10:41

Here we go again…..

It works but only if the CAID’s are different. Ziggo CI+ and Nagra CI+ for example… Channels added with Common Interface Assignment.. Canal Digitaal Viaccess and Canal Digitaal Nagra CI+…. Using 2 idential CI+ modules to circumvene 1stream limitation does not work in Enigma2 despite having the correct box…

Good that you admit that also the original VU+ Duo 4K cannot do this.

Whether the limitation is in enigma2 or in the hardware does not make a difference for the user.

This quote of yours gives the impression that it shouldn't be an issue :

The problem lies with the modules Being exactly the same. Both 0500 as CAID. The hardware/software simply can't differentiate. Only the Duo4K and DM9*0 can.


It does not make a difference whether you have a Duo4K or a Duo4K SE for that matter, as the software does not distinguish it.

The DM920 is able to differentiate AND according to their forums (I cannot check this myself, as I don't have that receiver) is able to differentiate.

The DM900 only has one CI slot, so there it is irrelevant.


Also, the problem goes deeper than simply the CAID, because I use the Common Interface Assignments plugin, and I assign per individual service, not per CAID. If the issue were really limited to the CAID, I could put half of the channels on one module, and half of the channels on the other.

Of course that would not guarantee me that I could always have 2 simultaneous records, but it would increase the chance.

But like I said, the box most of the times locks up the moment I put the second, identical CI+ in there, so you can't even get to the next step.

In Topic: Unreliable switching between CI+ cards VU+ DUO 4KSE

26 November 2021 - 23:50

I find it strange that Mimisiku keeps saying that it works on exactly the machine I have, and which I did several tests on, and which never worked.

The system would lock up or use only one of the 2 modules, but it would never use both.

I suppose you can use 2 CI+ modules simultaneously, but then they have to be different CAids.

You might say that the limitation is in enigma2, but unless someone writes their own enigma, it will not work, if it really is a software issue.

In Topic: Unreliable switching between CI+ cards VU+ DUO 4KSE

26 November 2021 - 23:30

I have a VU+ Duo 4K, the original one, not the SE one, but I never got it to work with 2 identical CI+ modules.

As soon as the second one was inserted, the system crashed.

And I mean identical CI+'s, in my case Telenet CI+.

One works fine, but as soon as a second one is inserted, the system crashes.

TV Vlaanderen and Télésat may use the same CaID, but they are still different modules.


On VTI I get 1 CI+ module working fine, also with offline decoding.

On OpenPLi I cannot get offline decoding to work, but I can get the module to decode immediately.

I have put my question about offline decoding in a Dutch speaking topic, but noone seems to have a solution.

In Topic: CI+ OpenPli 8.1

23 November 2021 - 15:26

Resultaat met Common Interface Plugin was identiek, met één verschil, dat terwijl hij aan het opnemen was van de versleutelde zender, het beeld bleef stilstaan, en er ook geen geluid meer was op de onversleutelde zender.

Nochtans staan die onversleutelde zenders niet in de ci0.xml of ci1.xml files.


Dat is dus eigenlijk nog minder goed qua resultaat.