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In Topic: VU+ Uno 4k with CI+ module

27 November 2017 - 14:47

Okay.. but just to clarify.. because I don't know if I understood this correctly:


Will the VTi image allow for CI+ in the cardslot and softcam?    Or does it only function with CI+ as in with the CA-module slot? Because from what I hear putting a CA-module with CI+ in the box using openpli also works for one user atleast....

In Topic: VU+ Uno 4k with CI+ module

26 November 2017 - 18:39

So now I'm comfused.


1) If I do use VTi (I'd rather not since i have everything setup with openpli), will I be able to use a paired CI+ card in the card slot and oscam instead of the CA-module slot? 

2) Will I be able to watch one channel and record another encrypted? LIke you said above about decoding afterwards. In that case how is the decoding done, say I have to recording on my NAS computer and I want to play it on my laptop?


And if I decide to use a CA CI+ module in the CA-module slot of the Uno 4K, which I have heard works for both SD and HD channels. Would it be possible to record an SD channel while watching an HD? Only the HD channels are locked with the CI+.