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Assign buttons on the remote

15 December 2012 - 12:47

How can I assign the colored buttons on the remote to specific commands (normal key presses, not when pressing them for a long time)?

Green or Red = Graphical Multi EPG
Blue = Dream Explorer

I'm unable to use the multiquickbutton plugin, as it has problems when using timeshift, so looking for another way of assigning these buttons.

Timeshifting problems with OpenPLi 3.0

3 December 2012 - 16:54

I'm having problems using timeshift running OpenPLi 3.0 on dm500hd. A cifs share is mounted for recording timeshift information.

I'm using the plugin enigma2-plugin-extensions-multiquickbutton version 2.7 to change the yellow button on the remote control to become pause (timeshift), just as in older versions. Timeshift also starts correctly when pausing live TV.

After the program has been paused for some minutes (or sometimes much longer) the playback is skipped forward to current time and then resumed, even though I haven't touched the remote. If I've just paused for a couple of minutes and then resumes playback it always skips forward to current time after awhile anyways, while watching.

The file containing the timeshift information is still being used however and thus growing larger. I'm able to pause again and reverse to previously recorded material, as it's still timeshifting, but it's very annoying. I have reverted to use the latest version of OpenPLi 2.1 instead, where this works flawlessly, as the timeshift functionality is a must for me.

Have anyone else noticed this problem or know about a possible workaround?