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In Topic: FTP server mount startup.

17 April 2021 - 11:27

Box connected via (intermittent) Wi-Fi or PowerLan?

Via LAN cable.
I think, the windows sharing was instable.
The FTP server buildt with Filezilla, it was fast.

In Topic: FTP server mount startup.

17 April 2021 - 08:20

But if your CIFS is instable why the FTP should be stable?

Everything seems to indicate that you have network or server issues.

I think so.
So I eliminated the windows PC and set up a Raspberry pi2 with Open Media Vault and an external HDD.
This is handled properly by openpli.

In Topic: FTP server mount startup.

15 April 2021 - 07:55

Because the CIFS sharing instable, I returned to an FTP-based connection.

CIFS is no longer relevant to me.

I'm trying to solve now why curlftpfs doesn't want to start automatically from FSTAB or shellscript.
Why does it only work properly when issuing a terminal command ...

In Topic: FTP server mount startup.

14 April 2021 - 17:41

If by "busy signal" you mean the rotating spinner, that means it can't be connected to, and it is waiting for a timeout.


The problem is on the Windows side, not the box side. Power saving mode active on the network interface perhaps? Windows firewall blocking the connection?


You should fix your problem, instead of constantly trying to work around if with even worse solutions... But hey, it's your time you're wasting... ;)

If this were true, the command issued in the terminal would not mount the FTP share either.
But it works.
Is there no error in the script?

I'm looking for the answer.
Why this terminal command works:
"curlftpfs / media / ftp / -o user = nas: 123456"
Why doesn't this work (in FSTAB):
"curlftpfs # nas: 123456 @ ftp: // / media / ftp fuse auto, user, uid = 1000, allow_other, _netdev 0 0"
And why doesn't the script work too?
If windows were faulty, the terminal command would not work either ...

In Topic: FTP server mount startup.

14 April 2021 - 17:23

"How can an STB crash on a mount?"
I do not know.
It doesn't answer, I only see the "busy signal" for a long time.
It must be restarted.
The server is a notebook with Windows10. Always run.
The question is to issue the "curlftpfs / media / ftp / -o user = nas: 123456" command from terminal, can mount the FTP directory.
Write to FSTAB or from a script (automatically) not mount.
I am looking for an answer to this ...