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systemtime plugin wont install DM800HD 2.1

18 April 2013 - 17:00

I updated my box today from an image sometime in december and the systemtime System Extension doesn't install. It comes up with an error about libc6 needing to be => (then a version number not near box at the moment)


I need this extension as this box is not connected to a Dish (streams from a second internal box in the house) so never gets the time if it doesn't get it from the internet which this system extension allows.


I could of course run with the incorrect time but then I lose the epg data from cross epg as it has no data for the date and time the system has. I have tried all the downloads in case it stopped working recently but they are all the same and unfortunately I no longer have the version that worked fine on the PC.


Any help would be gratefully appreciated either fixing this problem or alternatively pointing me to a location where I can download older versions than those on the site.