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Sky Sports F1

4 March 2012 - 10:55

Sky Sports F1 - 1_0_1_051A_7E5_2_11A0000_0_0_0

Official launch is next Friday 9th March, but we're collecting Stream EPG for it already, as well as programs

Cheers- AL :)

Script help in E1 please?

3 January 2012 - 12:54

We're trying to script a method of auto-zapping to a particular Radio channel in E1, and then when the script has done it's work, to zap back to the previously viewed channel.

In Neutrino, we would accomplish this as follows:

# save current channel as a variable
cur=`pzapit -gi|cut -d " " -f1`

# zap to the required radio mode and channel (by TSid / Service type / Sid)
pzapit -ra -zi 7d400021038

blah blah blah

# Zap back to previous chaanel
pzapit -zi $cur

Does anyone know of a scripting routine in E1 Enigma that can achieve similar results, please?

Cheers- AL ;)

They hanged the wrong man!

27 December 2011 - 16:51

As it is Christmas and pantomime season again, I will tell you all an hilarious story...

On the morning of Christmas Eve, I was browsing the PLi forum and spotted two strange posts, both by the same new member. One was all about Wedding Dresses, and the other about Ladie's Evening Dresses. Both posts contained numerous external advertising Links.

So I did the right and proper thing, and clicked the [Report] button on both posts, along with a "SPAM ALERT" message for the Mods.

The bottom line?

I was banned by username and ISP address!!

Thanks to the kind help of the Webmaster, I am now re-instated- 3 days later. But to whoever banned me, I wouldn't mind a half litre of what you were drinking and/or a puff on what you were smoking!!!

But it's good to be back. Though I might steer clear of that [Report] button in the future...

Cheers- AL ;)

Virus, or Spyware on the PLi Forum?

1 August 2011 - 19:53

Just a heads up, guys- but over the past few days, I've noticed a bit of a problem when clicking on various threads in this Forum... My IE7 totally freezes, and I have to give it the three fingered salute (Ctrl+Alt+Del) to clear it.

When I do this, I notice another (suspicious looking) process running, an exe which I should have taken a note of, but didn't. Anyone else noticed similar, or is it just me being paranoid?

Cheers- AL Posted Image

SQLite XML EPG plugin (1.2)- RT UK Upgrade

21 June 2011 - 17:32

Hallo! With Team Rytec not supporting E1 any more for the Rytec XML Importer plugin, I know that many peeps as well as myself rely heavily on the Radio Times version for quality EPG and long descriptions.

But one of the bugbears of using Radio Times UK EPG as the provider in the SQLite XML EPG plugin (1.2) are the strange characters we often see in the EPG Channel Listings and Long Descriptions, as mentioned in this thread a while back.

For example: The film Brüno will appear as Brüno - while the name of the actress Renée Zellweger will display as Renée

I managed to get LraiZer's interest aroused in finding a fix for these utf-8 corruptions, which he did very quickly. But then we got deeper and deeper into it, to the extent that he is now filtering and fixing 20 different accented vowels: äëïöü áéíóú ÄËÏÖÜ ÁÉÍÓÚ

As well as improved error-trapping, logging and optimizing routines. Hopefully, DAF2000 will use the 3 files in the upgrade rar (where there's a detailed readme) to maybe update the existing 1.2 package in Software Updates. We'll be mighty proud if you do, DAF. The 2 files in /var/bin need to be 755, but the one in /var/etc can stay 644

Also attached is an Options rar, again with a detailed readme, covering different automated methods of actually running the RT EPG load, other than via the plugin GUI (which now has the filecount and progress bar working properly, btw). Sample files and instructions are included for doing it via the following methods:

1. A cron job at the same time each day
2. In the background, 2 minutes after a reboot
3. When the box is put into Standby Mode for 5 minutes or so

And for RT EPG noobs who can't get their heads around mapping their desired Channels via the plugin GUI, there's also a nice channel map in there for you too! 145 premium channels for 28.2ºE Posted Image

Finally, just to show you the power of this heavily revised script, I've attached my log from this morning's 09:30 cron EPG load on my testbox. Awesome stuff... And trust me, during the past three weeks this new stuff has been under daily development, it's been tested to the Nth degree, to the point where it can now be shared in the community.

Enjoy! AL (and LraiZer) Posted Image