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In Topic: USB-AC53 Asus wifi adapter not recognized by VU+uno

28 September 2015 - 20:20

You made a big mistake buying an usb adapter for an sat receiver because you'll struggle to find proper drivers and also it will slow down the box cpu. Much better to buy an Access Point,and use it in client mode.No usb ,only ethernet and you are ready to go. Cheers

In Topic: Foreca update to 3.1.6

26 September 2015 - 11:34

It's a weather info plugin. Cheers

In Topic: The right DVB-C box

5 March 2015 - 10:33

I'm not a big fan of Marusys,and I recommended VU+ only because the firm is serious and it has a few years on sat scene ,same thing for Xtrend.

Maybe Mutant hd2400 it's a good box,but can you guarantee that it wil be support for it after 1 year?You can't ,and when I spend 3-400 euros,I want to be sure that I buy the right thing,with proven support,and only time tell you that.

A lot of boxes have good hardware,but only support (firmware and warranity) can make me buy it.Three yars warranity on European importer ,and almost 2 years from the launch,it makes me to buy at this moment Vu Duo2.

I was a big fan of DMM products,my current box it's DM7020hd ,but the high prices ,and the new "closed" philosophy makes me sad,and I cannot recommend it anymore,but it's just me.

Anyway,everyone has his opinion,and the @Dixon can choose what ever he wants,it's his money on the line!

Best Regards!

In Topic: The right DVB-C box

5 March 2015 - 08:50

Yes,you need to use a splitter to have two coax,for two tuners,and yes,both tuners will work with cccam.
If you need OpenPli compatibility,only 3-4 boxes meet you criteria,and from all,Vu Duo2 it will be my choice.
At this moment,the most powerfull box you can choose on the market(hardware wise) it's DM7080 ,but doesnt tick two options: it's not OpenPli supported,and it's out from your budget.
So,it's up to you to make the choice.

In Topic: The right DVB-C box

4 March 2015 - 21:55

It will be better with two tuners,because with one tunner you can stream only the chanels from the same frequency of the chanel that you'are watching at tv.
I don't care about protection,every receiver it has one,but I don't want a battery with limited lifetime in my receiver,and,as I said,it's only my personal opinion,everyone it's free to have one.
Vu Duo2 with 2x dvb-c it has all you want,and it's in your budget.
At this moment,it will be my choice.
Et8500 it has place for 4 tuners,but it has weaker cpu,no hardware transcoding and it's to new,no stable yet.
Maybe other members will suggest you something else.
Best Regards