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In Topic: [German] Missing EPG

19 February 2020 - 02:20

Discovery:  I have no recollection of removing this.

But the service ref was not present in the channels file, so no EPG


Added all the above service refs.




Thanks a lot! I think I confused something with the Discovery reference. 


Anyway, I have also noticed there is no EPG for Sky1.de even though the channel reference is already added (1:0:19:93:D:85:FFFF0000:0:0:0). After manually downloading the EPG files, it seems that there are no entries for it.


Also, a few more missing channel references:

<!-- Cable --><channel id="13thStreet.de">1:0:19:7F:1:85:FFFF0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- 13th Street HD -->
<!-- Cable --><channel id="BeateUhse.de">1:0:19:85:1:85:FFFF0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Beate Uhse HD -->
<!-- Cable --><channel id="Heimatkanal.de">1:0:1:16:3:85:FFFF0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Heimatkanal -->
<!-- Cable --><channel id="Romance.de">1:0:1:206:3:85:FFFF0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Romance TV -->
<!-- Cable --><channel id="SkyKrimi.de">1:0:19:17:1:85:FFFF0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Sky Krimi HD -->
<!-- Cable --><channel id="SciFi.de">1:0:19:7E:1:85:FFFF0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Syfy HD -->
<!-- Cable --><channel id="TNTFilm.de">1:0:1:195:4:85:FFFF0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- TNT Film -->
<!-- Cable --><channel id="Universal.de">1:0:19:65:1:85:FFFF0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Universal TV HD -->
<!-- Cable --><channel id="Classica.de">1:0:1:18:4:85:FFFF0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Classica -->
<!-- Cable --><channel id="Boomerang.de">1:0:1:1C:4:85:FFFF0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Boomerang -->
<!-- Cable --><channel id="BlueMovieHD.de">1:0:1:201:4:85:FFFF0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Blue Movie -->


In Topic: [German] Missing EPG

17 February 2020 - 19:07

Was 1:0:19:E2F5:245:270F:FFFF0000:0:0:0 removed some time ago? It is Discovery HD (DiscoveryChannel.de)


I have always had EPG for it, just recently I noticed that I don't get my EPG for it from Rytec anymore. Cable, Germany.



A few more Cable channels are also missing:


1:0:19:DB28:231:270F:FFFF0000:0:0:0 Eurosport1 HD (Eurosport1.de)


1:0:19:A091:19B:270F:FFFF0000:0:0:0 ARD-alpha HD (ARD-alpha.de) 


1:0:19:9CA8:191:270F:FFFF0000:0:0:0 sportdigital HD (sportdigital.de)




Another 19.2E SAT channel missing:


1:0:16:196:4:85:C00000:0:0:0 Kinowelt TV (Kinowelt.de)



Thanks for your service!

In Topic: [German] Missing EPG

15 February 2020 - 04:42

1:0:1:566E:DD:270F:FFFF0000:0:0:0 is not WeltDerWunder.de anymore, its VOXup.de for a few months now.

In Topic: Wifi drivers not installable anymore on 7.2?

20 December 2019 - 20:54



opkg install kernel-module-8812au*


I actually didn't find the correct package somehow until now. I probably used opkg list | grep the wrong way. Sorry for the trouble!



In Topic: Wifi drivers not installable anymore on 7.2?

20 December 2019 - 20:37

ID of the dongle: 0bda:0811

usb 1-2: new high-speed USB device number 4 using ehci-brcm
root@vuzero:~# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
nfsd                  100483  11
exportfs                4243  1 nfsd
ipv6                  330791  58
fpga_directc             477  0
brcmfb                  1590  3
dvb_bcm7362          6651464  28 brcmfb
procmk                  1668  1 dvb_bcm7362

Seems like the driver isn't loaded.