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28 January 2020 - 19:37

I finally had some time to push new version 1.0.3 to App store and Play store.

New version brings
- support for x86_x64 Android devices
- option to map Channel +/- buttons to different remote control keys
You can choose between 3 different mappings:
- map to Bouquet +/- remote keys (default option)
- left / right remote keys
- up / down remote keys
Keep in mind, buttons Channel +/- will probably not behave as you expect it.
This is just the way Webinterface keys work, application simply sends mapped keys.
Try different mappings to find what suits your receiver/image the best.
Please rate the app to help others.



Application is available for free download for iOS & Android devices.


appstore.png play.png


In Topic: Enigma Signal Meter

17 October 2019 - 18:32

@roxette There is no swipe UP action. Only swipe LEFT or RIGHT to move between the bottom tab pages. Tap on signal level progressbar cycles active view (all, SNR, dB, ACG, BER), tap on signal chart opens chart in fullscreen (as seen in promo video), taping it again will close fullscreen.
Also, while on signal page screen will be kept ON.

Not sure is this what you described as bug?

You don't have dish anymore?

In Topic: Enigma Signal Meter

16 October 2019 - 06:59

Bdw: the option you implemented to use db as primary level will disable other signal views (SNR,db,ACG,BER) if turned on.

I dunno if you decided to make it work like that or it's a bug.


This is definitely a bug which no one else reported and I cannot reproduce.

Can you please provide more details to reproduce?


When "use dB as primary meter" is ON on signal page with multiple progress bars first progress bar is dB, second is SNR, and voice reads dB levels instead of SNR levels.

Everything else should stay exactly the same.



In Topic: Enigma Signal Meter

15 October 2019 - 10:22

Excellent question.

This is common misunderstanding.

Why do you think it consumes a lot of traffic?

Because your router blinks a lot?


Your router blinks on every request made, it has nothing to do with the request size.

One signal measurement takes about 164 bytes.

Let's say you're connecting via cellular connection (otherwise traffic is irrelevant), on my box it takes about 120ms for one signal request (GigaBlue Quad Plus) to complete.

So with this we come to around 8 requests per second (1000 ms / 120 ms) when app is used on cellular connection.

Now we can calculate that in one second app will generate around 164 * 8 = 1313 bytes = 1.2 kilobytes per second

That makes it around 77 kilobytes per minute or 4.5 megabytes PER HOUR.

And that's only if you're constantly on signal meter page. 

If you're not on signal meter page, there is no traffic except one request every 15 seconds to get current service name.


When you're fixing your dish you would want your router to blink as much as possible.

Every blink means you get a signal read out, more signal readings per second = easier to point your dish.

That particular app works like this: tell me how much do I have to wait between requests --> make request --> wait XXX --> make request

This will always limit app to maximum of 2 requests per second.

Enigma Signal Meter works like this: make request --> wait for response (limited to max 5 sec) --> make request

There is no waiting, no limit of requests per second, it just gets reads as fast as possible which is what you want when you're fixing your dish.

Another problem with technique in the app you specified is that you can actually get false reading.

Suppose app makes 5 requests. First one takes 7 seconds to complete, all other take less than 200 ms.

You would get result from the first request last, since it took more time to finish.

Requests are not ordered, they are shuffled.


Enigma Signal Meter will show instant reaction without any waiting, and you get signal reading in ordered manner.

Also, Enigma Signal Meter has timing for each request (and average timing for last 30 requests).

Why? So you don't wonder if connection works when levels are not changing.

You can see the app keep getting requests because timings changes.

And average request time comes in handy when you need to position your phone to get best WiFi signal.


Hope this explains it.



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10 October 2019 - 07:00

Ahaaaa, I thought by "switch off" you want to "switch off receiver by sending it to standby".

If you're connected to the receiver back button (arrow) will disconnect you and take you back to profiles list.

Hitting it again will close the app, just like any other app.

I'm not forcing anything, this is standard way mobile apps work. There is no EXIT button in mobile apps.