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In Topic: Low signal strength on vuduo

1 May 2015 - 13:24

I can't believe it...it works! I have changed the C848 and now signal has increased from 66% to 78%, HD channels now open perfect and a few channels that didn't work now work like a charm! Thank you all very much, I was almost thinking that I have to buy new vu....and now a 25 cents component has change it all! :D

In Topic: Low signal strength on vuduo

30 April 2015 - 07:34

You can do a search for C848 on the forum, and will find a link to a post on another forum explaining it all. The C848 does not cause the same problem as C807 (the red led problem), but when defective it causes a low signal strength. The C848 is 1000uF.




I can't recall exactly where it is, but is clearly numbered and on the main board.


Use a magnifying glass to find it if your eyes are not good enough.


I replaced it with a 220uF 85c 16v.


It's a slightly higher rating than the original and much easier to source.




Ooops. Ignore this post. I picked up the wrong bag of capacitors.


It is as follows: 1000uF - 16v - 105c.


That is what I used and fixed my problem. (Not the red light problem).





I got it! It's close to the C807, which I already changed a year ago, but that was easy to change, just cutting the pins and solderinh the new one over the pins, but the C848 is very difficult! How did you change it? I have a desolder,  but don't know if I can desolder those solderings over the mainboard...


I have found in other formus this note:


"VU + Duo Weak signal, no signal hd channels I gradually weakened until he could no longer watch tvn hd. and other HD Channels

4.Namierzyłem and replaced the capacitors listed below. Certainly not all are responsible for the good reception, but had underestimated the capacity by almost half, and elevated esr-effect pioronujący everything works as Nówka tuner alive on nowo.Znowu have hd channels.
C812 1000uF/10V
C819 1000uF/10V
C848 1000uF/10V
C816 220uF/16V
C843 220uF/16V
C860 220uF/16V
C264 220uF/16V"

In Topic: Low signal strength on vuduo

29 April 2015 - 16:26

Hello dog-man, I have the same problema as you on my VU+ DUO, could you please tell me where is located the C848 on the motherboard? Did you replace it with the same one model or other? Thanks!