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#1426786 Shell-script - Diseqc command

Posted by john448 on 4 February 2022 - 23:48


I have VU+ Duo 4k SE (with FBC tuners) which doesn't turn off LNB power in standby mode. By changing diseqc port to B (to which nothing will be connected) I will eliminate power consumption.


I wonder what the point of this is, as a VU+ always powers all inputs, not only the selected tuner. Even in standby.


This is done by VU+ to work around a bug in their drivers that they don't seem to be able to fix (if A is in use, a recording starts on C, then A stops, and the LNB power cuts with only a leaf tuner in use).


The only way to reduce power consumption is switch the box off.


This solution does reduce power consumption by about 2.5W. It cuts off the power to LNB. Of course deep standby is the best solution but the network is off. 


Perhaps similar lower consumption could be achieved with the following empty channel in userbouquet.favourites.tv or does the tuner stay on?


#SERVICE 1:0:1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:EMPTY:EMPTY


If john448 could take the time and measure the consumption, it would be interesting.

Tuning to empty channel has no effect on power consumption.