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How to eject external hard disk / feedback on copy

21 April 2021 - 08:20

I connected a Seagate 1GB USB3 hard disk to my VU+ Uno4KSE running PLI 8.0.

I copied a number of recorded programs from the internal hard disk to this external hard disk.


I have the following questions (problems):


- How to know a copy operation has completed? There is no feed back.


- How to know I can safely remove the external hard disk?


(After a while I thought was long enough to finish the copying I put the machine into standby and removed the external hard disk. It turned out not to be long enough and some programs hadn't finished copying. Also, the machine later did not want to come out of standby anymore and after a full power down/up it turned out that programs hadn't been recorded.)


Is there a limit to the number of programs can order to be copied? At the moment a copy command is ready immediately, while the copying goes on in the background, and I can order a next program to be copied, and the next and next...


Concerning how to know copying has completed, maybe a rotating red circle on the left of the program being copied?

Concerning how to safely remove the hard disk: don't while there are still rotating red circles.

Concerning max number of copy commands pending I would expect an error message that the queue is full?


Paul Ogilvie

keyboard auto-repeat

11 July 2020 - 14:10

When I want to rename a recording, I get an onscreen keyboard. I navigate to the left-arrow to move the cursor. I need to move many characters to the left. For each character left I have to press OK once. keeping OK pressed does not repeat the key.


Could you please make the keyboard auto-repeat when keeping OK pressed?


Thank you,

Paul Ogilvie


PLI 6.3

Available in a later version? Please tell me and I'll upgrade.