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#266302 Nederland24 themakanalen ET9x00 ET6x00

Posted by kooleracer on 26 March 2012 - 15:47


Nu is mijn Et9000 echt compleet. Live streamen van WMV. Veel plezier.


Laatste versie toegevoegd en oude verwijderd.

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#233478 hd-line_tvpro modded

Posted by kooleracer on 21 November 2011 - 10:19

can you add the resultion of the channel somewhere in the skin.

#233181 OpenWebif [E2OpenPlugins]

Posted by kooleracer on 20 November 2011 - 13:17

Just a suggestion is it possible to put a feature in this openwebif, that allows you to update your box?

#231339 OpenWebif [E2OpenPlugins]

Posted by kooleracer on 14 November 2011 - 00:03

I think that is a really interesting suggestion? Is HTML5 a future possibility?

It looks like it doesn't, until Apple makes it's browsers open source.

From here :

Live Streaming: The HTML5 spec does not cover or contemplate live streaming. Apple offers a proprietary method, but that only works for iOS devices.'

Indeed you are right, I think only wowza media server is able to livestream in HTML5.


#225820 ET9x00 VFD in stand-by

Posted by kooleracer on 23 October 2011 - 03:07

mijn offtopic probleem is dat inmiddels opgelost?

In dit forum:ET9X00 HDMI Handshake Problem? hebben andere er ook last van.