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Expanding Zgemma H9 flash to a Micro SD card...

20 mei 2018 - 14:46

========================EXPANDING ZGEMMA H9 FLASH TO MICRO SD CARD=====================

ZGEMMA H9 has a 256 MB Flash, so serious hobbyists need to expand its Flash. There are 2 ways:

1) Flash Expander E2 plugin, to a fast USB 3.0 stick (I wrote in detail about it on this forum and elsewhere) or

2) the following script moving it all from the flash to a fast Micro SD memory card (Zgemma H9 Flodder, as it were... :D ).

Various Micro SD cards have been tested: class4, class 10 and class A1. In principle, they are all working but not all Micro SD cards will work.


Insert the Micro SD card into Zgemma H9 and reboot the box. Check the /var/logs/message file, using the PuTTy app. Log in by writing:

password - for an image you use (for example "pure2" for PurE2 image [without "" signs]).

Now, copy and paste this telnet command into PuTTy:

cat /var/log/messages | grep mmcblk0:

If you see these messages:

Apr 6 19:28:13 zgemmah9t user.info kernel: mmcblk0: mmc0:59b4 USDU1 7.31 GiB
Apr 6 19:28:13 zgemmah9t user.info kernel: mmcblk0: p1


May 20 13:25:49 zgemmah9s user.info kernel: mmcblk0: mmc0:aaaa SC64G 59.5 GiB
May 20 13:25:49 zgemmah9s user.info kernel:  mmcblk0: p1

...then you can proceed..

Download the "H9 SDcard Mover" attached to this message.

Extract the zip file and copy all 3 files to Zgemma H9 /tmp folder, using FileZilla Client app, for instance.

Now, right click on h9_mmc.sh file > File permissions > 755 > OK.

Warning: all data on your Micro SD card will be lost when your start this script!

Start the script by the following 2 telnet commands:

cd /tmp


Reboot the box and wait for the script to move everything to Micro SD card.

Your Zgemma H9 just got a boost!

Just remember that there is a small price to pay: your flash is larger but the Zgemma H9 might be a bit slower than if everything is running from H9 flash alone.


How to go back to a previous state of things (rollback to rootfs, to NAND)?

Simply flash a new image.


Credit to Captain @ OpenATV

Edited by gorski, thanx to TerraJoe for the missing IT info... :)