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Is it possible redirect domain dyndns to IP Vpn?

10 november 2017 - 18:45

Hi all. I have xpeed lx3 and running on it openvpn which work fine.
I want to also run a domain on that box with that vpn so I can use transcoding when Iam outside my house.

I can connect to my box via dyndns domain but just when domain is updated with my public IP from my broadband provider. Thats always work fine.

What I want to do is to have one domain updated with my public domain like is now and another one with IP from vpn.
Is that possible?
I have VIP Account on dyndns so I can have up to 18 domains :)

I done a test on my box, I started openvpn then I started Inadyn plugin with my second domain and seems to work ok, IP on box show IP from different Country also can See that IP on my dyndns Account so box updated this correctly but cannot connect to my box via this domain anyway.

Any suggestion what need to do else?

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