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How do you set up timeshift when using external usb storage?

8 juni 2020 - 10:13

My internal harddisk is broken on my ET9000 so I've plugged in a usb stick.
Recordings work, but timeshift doesn't.


I can't find a menu item in openpli 7.2 (June 6 2020 version) that allows me to

1) activate timeshift

2) specify the new path


Any ideas?  

ET9x00 problem with et9x00-20191216 release (and solution)

20 december 2019 - 12:46

I tried an online update and afterwards it wouldn't boot (stuck on "booting..." screen and et9x00 displayed on pvr).

I tried manually flashing the update using an usb stick. The flashing worked, but the booting problem remained.



I downloaded the previous image et9x00-20191215, flashed using usb, and this flashed and booted ok.


Looks like my hardware is incompatible with the et9x00-20191216 release.


Solution: Use the openpli-7.2-release-et9x00-20191215_usb.zip image for xtrend pvrs for the time-being.