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Crash with avi

30 June 2013 - 22:16

Hello' I just noticed some enigma2 crash playing avi or general divx files. My Et9000 has last updates with kernel 3.8.7. No crash playing recording.

Please, do you know about anything general with last updates or I should consider something wrong in my configuration? I will try later to restore some old backup.

Thanks for the advice.

Way to remove plugin from the menu?

14 June 2013 - 21:37

Hello' I'm looking for a way to remove or just hide some plugins showed on the main menu. I like to have it only on plugin list if possible. Thanks

You tube plugin?

5 June 2013 - 23:52

Since latest kernel update and HBBTV news I cannot find a working version of Youtube plugin. In the past I was using Mytube but I understand its not supported on ET9000 receiver.

Please, any suggestion for Youtube working without vlc?