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In Topic:Hello again and... A question..

8 juni 2021 - 09:43

Just noticed:
Above, where it says about casino.
There was a post above it, by someone else, with link in it.
That post is gone now, I assume moderators keeping good eye on things here.

Good job, thank you.

In Topic:Hello again and... A question..

8 juni 2021 - 08:50

In Topic:Hello again and... A question..

8 juni 2021 - 08:13

How about I give a quick overview of what I'm building..

Car audio. Easier said than done..

We are well into XXI century. Things like online audio/video streaming, global positioning, video recording in the go... Nearly anything related that you can think of.. it's in use.

Trouble is.. all these have pretty much different providers.

For reference, I'm using Atoto A6 pro head unit, one with hand gestures.

So. Webcarguru as launcher and I have to say, it works . Kind of.

Every app, and I'm using a few, has its own interface, own layout, not always (actually rarely) made with quick changes when driving on the mind. Small text, tiny icons, screen space taken by commercials, to mention a few.

So next step.. common interface.

Kodi with Carbon skin.

Trouble: Kodi can't easily use FM and DAB tuners directly connected to unit. There is few dvb usb sticks that work, but
A) it's a car. No TV whilst driving
B) getting TV stick to play radio is.. troublesome and hardware intensive.

A6 has only 2GB ram.

So possible solution I may try:
Kick FM and dab (and maybe few more after) out of head unit, and fit a streaming server and WiFi router in the boot.

Step1: check will it work.
Step2: make it work on the bench
Step3: make it work in the car.
Step4: worry about boot times, standby power consumption, boot sequences etc.

Step5: receive bollocking from wife for all the time spent in it. Yes. Part of the job. Inevitable part of the job...

In Topic:Hello again and... A question..

8 juni 2021 - 06:45

Ordered RTL usb stick. Says dvb-t2 and FM and dab.

Will test on my zgemma.

If it works, I'll be looking for fast booting, 12V , receiver.