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In Topic: Pause button

8 March 2019 - 10:44

Yes I can record to the USB pen in the back of the zgemma and I'm using the latest installation of openpli,pause works brill when watching back a recording but it won't pause any live chanells when I have to go to answer the front door,thanks. C.

In Topic: freeze picture

8 March 2019 - 10:41

Thanks for all your help boys but I still can't pause live tv,I have a 12 gb USB pen in the back but it won't pause to it,if the front door bell goes and I have to answer it I miss usually the end of the TV show or movie,any walk through would be heaven if someone could help me out,the zgemma box has always been great running IPTV and this is the last problem I need sorted as I found out the recall channel button and the last 20 chanels selected button too,it's just pausing the tv for a few minutes that's eluding me,thanks awfully for all your help so far.

In Topic: Pause button

1 March 2019 - 11:23

So can't you pause live to ?

In Topic: Recall previous chanells.

22 December 2018 - 10:17

The default key is "0"
Better still, install "history zap sellector" from the plugin feeds. It lets you browse all recent channel changes since last restart.

Brilliant thanks you Colin sooooo much.

In Topic: Recall previous chanells.

22 December 2018 - 10:16

What Zgemma model?
What RECALL key?
To get a previously watched channel you press "0".

THANKYOU THANKYOU what a lovely guy ! Now all I need is how to get EP2 movie player back !