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In Topic: Please add new channel to Slovenia package

30 December 2019 - 21:07

Hi Willy,


could you please add the Slovenian channel Kino TV (not to be confused with the Croatian channel with the same name).

It's on 16 east satellite, service ref is 1:0:1:678:9FC4:16E:A00000:0:0:0

and the schedule can be found here




or here





In Topic: EPG for IPTV channels

10 December 2019 - 14:54

Great, thanks a lot!

In Topic: EPG for IPTV channels

10 December 2019 - 08:26



thanks. The URL I got from their website and which works in my Enigma2 receiver is

In Topic: EPG for IPTV channels

9 December 2019 - 19:38

Hi, I recently discovered a free-to-watch film channel, broadcasting from 52.0 East TurkmenAlem/Monacosat satellite. It also streams Its programme online. Channel Name ist 24Box.tv. Its schedule can be found here: http://24box.tv/?page_id=1409

I wonder whether you could add this to the IPTV section?

I cannot provide a service reference as this satellite is out of reach for me...

In Topic: EPG for UPC-Switzerland

4 December 2019 - 17:35

Great work, thanks!