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In Topic: How to transfer HDD content to new one?

1 March 2019 - 16:46

Thank you for the tips.


I have installed the newest osxFuse (dmg, complete installation) and restart. OSXFuse is present in the system settings, but no drive is displayed when inserting the HDD, not even in the Mac Finder.

Then I uninstalled osxFuse and installed Paragon for Mac (10 day trial). The program finds the HDD, but can not activate it. File validation is ok, zero errors, but activation is not possible. Tried the repair function, but same as before.
Both HDDs were formatted with OpenPli but can not be activated or be found on my Mac. If I connect them to my Zero 4k, everything is ok. No errors or problems.
Now I almost think that it could be due to OS X Mojave.

In Topic: VU+: Remote Button "Timer" not working

12 February 2019 - 10:45

So it is! Last 7.0 update from 11.02. installed, but Timer-Button is not working and no way to make it work.


I searched the two lines in Keymap.xml, but they are not there.


But now, if I edit the keymap.xml manually, It will work.

In Topic: VU+: Remote Button "Timer" not working

12 February 2019 - 10:41

@anudanan: Thank you for your offer, but I got it myself.  :lol:

- open Keymap.xml
- insert the two new lines into the hotkey section
- save and Enigma restart
- Then open the "key editor" via the setup menu and assign the timer button to the timer command.
Is working!

In Topic: VU+: Remote Button "Timer" not working

12 February 2019 - 09:53

I'm sorry, but with my ZERO4K the timer button is still not working.

Could someone explain to me step-by-step what to do? The timer button can not be selected via the "Key-edit" setup menu. Where could I find the Keymap.xml?

In Topic: Erfahrung mit Openpli

21 January 2019 - 19:29

Ich lasse HBBTV jetzt weg. Wie schon zuvor erwähnt, ist mir die Zapping Geschwindigkeit wichtiger. Vielleicht geht ja irgendwann mal Chromium, das wäre super. Ansonsten was soll's...


OT: Mir ist leider aufgefallen, dass die Lippensynchronisation nicht stimmt. Ich muss fast -150ms einstellen, damit es halbwegs passt, egal ob bei AC3 oder PCM. Habt ihr damit auch Probleme?