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#265177 Build Script for Openpli Enigma2 on Ubuntu 10.4 32 Bit

Posted by Pr2 on 21 March 2012 - 22:13


New version with:
- error message if no DVB found
- nim_sockets file creation in the folder where the application is launched.
- Implementation of DVB-T2 and DVB-C2 but not tested.


#249690 Build Script for Openpli Enigma2 on Ubuntu 10.4 32 Bit

Posted by Pr2 on 25 January 2012 - 22:29


Just some few tips for people that use vtuner.

-> It is useless to autoload dvbsoftwareca at PC boot, because vtunerc.i686 must be running before: sudo modprobe dvbsoftwareca
-> OScam needs to be compiled with DVBAPI enabled (be carefull for people that use easy-build it automatically disable DVBAPI for the i686 executable even if you enable it!).
-> OScam needs to be run as root: sudo oscam -c /path/to/your/config
-> start OpenpliPC: sudo /usr/local/e2/bin/enigma2

When you close enigma2 and that you restart it it will no longer works!

To reenable everything properly (without rebooting the PC) follow those steps:

- stop enigma2
- stop oscam
- stop vtunerc

sudo rmmod dvbsoftwareca

- start vtunerc again: sudo vtunerc.i686 -f s2

sudo modprobe dvbsoftwareca

You can check that dvbsoftwareca is running fine by doing:

ls /dev/dvb/adaptor0

You should see: ca0 demux0 dvr0 frontend0
ca0 is the one created by dvbsoftwareca

start oscam: sudo oscam -c /path/to/your/config
start enigma2: sudo /usr/local/e2/enigma2

You will retrieve the good working between OScam and OpenpliPC without rebooting your PC.

So it is advices to create a small script that will start and stop properly all the module associated with openpliPC to ease your life.