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#1345379 VU+ Uno 4Kse LCD

Posted by Pr2 on 3 May 2021 - 17:09

I'd like to have LCD display on the STBs and that's why I am using VU+ Solo 4K and Vu+ Duo 4K for my daily usage.

To be really honest without you, I prefer the default LCD skin which already give me all the informations that I want and I'd like the current proportion.

So I could not find any benefits with your modified LCD skin.

#1340139 Request for change to EPGimport

Posted by Pr2 on 18 April 2021 - 15:58

Sorry it is a typo of course the file is:  channel_id_filter.conf

#1340019 Request for change to EPGimport

Posted by Pr2 on 18 April 2021 - 11:55



I propose a new PR with the channel id filtering. I better describe the constraints that lead to implement this solution, it is slightly improved compared to the first version to avoid some confusing entries in log.




This doesn't prevent to work on implementing the standard DVB language support into EPGImport so please view it as a Quick Win solution both solutions can live together.


End-users doesn't have to learn regex a simple cut and paste of the channel id will do the job (risk of false positive is really low and the log is clearly displaying the filtered "channel id" so debugging is easy). Moreover the content of this file for standard endusers will be explained by Doglover to easily fix there problem. Advanced users that test the solution already found benefits out of it. People can easily turn on/off one particular filter in the file since comments are allowed (line starting with a # are ignored).

The option to enable it or not on the custom.channels.xml is a specific request from Doglover.


I hope that it will be accepted because Doglover (Willy) is really waiting for it.





#1338375 The new OpenPLi Release 8.0 is available for download.

Posted by Pr2 on 14 April 2021 - 14:15

Who cares to have Kodi on VU+ device since we have no sound on them... Kodi without the sound is useless.

#1336807 PR for EPGImport: fix possible double entries in channel list to import + add...

Posted by Pr2 on 10 April 2021 - 15:59



I have created a new PR to improve EPGImport:




If the same service reference is present several time during import for the same channel id it was added anyway. So we can have useless duplicate entries in the EPGImport that will just slow it down since the same data will be loaded twice.


This patch also add support for long description to each EPGImport parameters.


Be careful that skinners will need to enable it in there skins in order to display them so for screen name="EPGImportConfig" the widget name="description" should be added.

<screen name="EPGImportConfig" position="fill" title="EPG Import Configuration" flags="wfNoBorder">
         <widget name="description" position="30,570" size="720,300" itemHeight="38" font="Regular;30" valign="top"/>

Translators will also need to work on the newly generated .po files.



#1336187 Request for change to EPGimport

Posted by Pr2 on 9 April 2021 - 10:28

Using language defined in the GUI won't probably solved the question here since you can decide to receive both french and english language so both will be loaded into memory and then which one will be displayed?

Does GMEPG take care of the language code, how does it handle the EPG when there are several languages available for the same service reference?

If it handles it properly no need for filtering in EPGImport just load all the possible languages for a multi-lingual channel using the same reference (but this will fill up the STB memory).


But then you should extend the number of preferred languages because 2 is very restrictive.


People doesn't have to learn regular expression they can just type the "channel id" name like it appears in the channels.xml but I propose my implementation. This PR is allowing users to have a full control on what is loaded into STB memory.


So sad that I ask for help in the development section of OpenPLi where I explain what I was doing and nobody answer me, now that the patch is ready and fully tested you reject it. I would have better invest my time in doing something else.

#1334891 Request for change to EPGimport

Posted by Pr2 on 4 April 2021 - 16:15



Here is a trial to implement the feature requested by Doglover.




The filtering is only possible on the channel id and is based on regular expression (regex). I will not fully explain here what the regex syntax is but just a few remarks;

If you want to fully exclude all the EPG for all the channel id from france you need to use this syntax:




. replace any characters

* means that any characters can repeat anytime

\. is to match the .  remember . (alone) means any character for the regex.

fr is "fr"


You can also specify a specific channel id:




This will exclude Discovery.dk  is you didn't mention \. then the regex will match Discovery(1 time any character)dk

But most of the time simply specifying Discover.dk should not cause trouble but in case of doubt and if you want to be sure to have a perfect match use the \. notation.


The filtering is not case sensitive (so the whole filter that you will set will be switched to lower case because it is what is also done for the channel id matching.

So Discovery\.dk is the same as DiscoVery\.DK so you don't have to care about the exact case of the channel id name.


So filtering on anything else than the channel id is not foreseen (it is not possible to filter on partial service reference nor on comments). Why?  Because the channels.xml file is processed in a true XML way meaning that every element is retrieved independently so this filter will is focusing on the channel id and nothing else (filter by reference is already implemented into EPGImport).


One line per filter a OR operation will be performed between every lines.



To test go into this folder on your STB:




There make a copy of the existing: EPGConfig.py

cd /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/EPGImport
cp EPGConfig.py EPGConfig.py.ori


Then delete the EPGConfig.pyo file (optional).



Download this file:




Then transfer it to your STB into: /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/EPGImport


Then you need to create a filter file:  




With the filter that you want:




This will exclude all the channel id ending with .fr and .be and also exclude discovery.dk


Reboot your box. You only need to reboot your box once to have it creating the EPGConfig.pyo file.

Later on you simply need to edit and change the /etc/epgimport/channel_id_filter.conf

#1331967 All Kodi related issues only in OpenPLi 8.0 and no previous releases.

Posted by Pr2 on 24 March 2021 - 13:04

Please don't trust the dragnan test he was using OpenATV as main image and OpenPLi with OpenMultiboot so he was using the OpenATV kernel that is patched to enable those device.
So you I can just confirm that it has never worked in OpenPLi.

#1331955 Media Player with visualisation?

Posted by Pr2 on 24 March 2021 - 12:30

You can try YAMP it is in the feed.

#1331035 Request for change to EPGimport

Posted by Pr2 on 21 March 2021 - 09:11

There is a plugin called epgimportfilter in the feed isn't it doing what you are requiring here?

#1326891 OpenPLi and Network tools

Posted by Pr2 on 7 March 2021 - 12:54

Because in Openpli we don't install tools that many people don't need. It's up to you to install the plugin that you really need in OpenPLi.

That's one of the main difference between OpenPLi and the other images that pre-install many plugins.

#1321067 Testing VU+ @ OpenPLi development Images

Posted by Pr2 on 18 February 2021 - 14:25

Here is a problem with upgrde of my solo4K (of course opkg update was done before):
root@vusolo4k:~# opkg upgrade
Collected errors:
 * Solver encountered 1 problem(s):
 * Problem 1/1:
 *   - nothing provides requested media-ctl
 * Solution 1:
 *   - do not ask to install a package providing media-ctl

root@vusolo4k:~#  opkg list | grep media-ctl 
media-ctl - 1.16.5-r0.6 - v4l2 and IR applications
root@vusolo4k:~# opkg remove media-ctl

Collected errors:
* Solver encountered 1 problem(s):
* Problem 1/1:
*   - nothing provides requested media-ctl
* Solution 1:
*   - do not ask to install a package providing media-ctl

root@vusolo4k:~# opkg install media-ctl

Collected errors:
* Solver encountered 1 problem(s):
* Problem 1/1:
*   - nothing provides requested media-ctl
* Solution 1:
*   - do not ask to install a package providing media-ctl 
This fix the problem

opkg install --force-reinstall media-ctl
Downloading http://downloads.openpli.org/feeds/openpli-develop/armv7ahf-neon/media-ctl_1.16.5-r0.6_armv7ahf-neon.ipk.
Installing media-ctl (1.16.5) on root
Configuring media-ctl.

#1314007 softcam problem formuler f1 pli8.0 release

Posted by Pr2 on 2 February 2021 - 06:53

Switching from a softcam to another one is not always working properly on OpenPLi.

You should better adapt the different /etc/init.d/softcam* scripts to ensure that the softcam you swtich between are properly killed.


Check that you don't have both softcam running with:


ps | grep -i oscam | grep -v grep
ps | grep -i cccam | grep -v grep


if both commands returns something than you have both softcam running at the same time, which is bad.

#1310055 Testing VU+ @ OpenPLi development Images

Posted by Pr2 on 24 January 2021 - 13:15

You are sending a wrong signal with the thread you create because this will let think that OpenPli will look at and fix the 3rd party skins.
Will you take the responsibility to fix yourself all the skin related issues? If so then you thread is legitimate but in the other case what will we do with all those reports?

#1309567 Hbbtv

Posted by Pr2 on 23 January 2021 - 13:28

Isn't it an English section?