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#1035305 Translations for Enigma 2: Please post them here!

Posted by Pr2 on 25 March 2019 - 09:12




This is a plugin done by VU+ for there boxes, so it is there BSP that decide to install it.




The plugin is not foreseen to be translatable, so please ask VU+ to change there code to make it translatable.



#1026937 Translations for Enigma 2: Please post them here!

Posted by Pr2 on 6 March 2019 - 23:24


Thanks for all your efforts, it is nice to see that hr.po is nearly complete now.

Can you please download the latest hr.po and review it:




Since some strings are already changed, don't forget that some strings may be already properly translated but flagged as "to be reviewed" if the translation is correct unset the flag (there is a swith below the translation in PoEdit to disable it).


Again thanks,



#1026713 Translations for Enigma 2: Please post them here!

Posted by Pr2 on 6 March 2019 - 19:37

I have updated all the po files:




And I have create also a PR with hr.po from zeljko2 (but it is possible that they conflict with each other), so I will recreate again this the PR for the hr.po once the first one is merged is it conflicts.





#1023969 Problem showing picture of H7 on Toshiba TV.

Posted by Pr2 on 2 March 2019 - 09:51



Before playing with HDMI-CEC you of course need to be able to have image displayed.

So turn on the TV and manually switch it to the right HDMI input.


So you need to go into the:


Menu -> Parameters -> System -> Audio / Video -> AV parameters


And there you need to set the output to HDMI  select the right Mode and the refresh rate.


Now the question is how to change those parameters without seeing anything on the TV, the solution is to use the OpenWebif.

So find your box IP address (there are many IP scanner available on the internet), so once you find the IP connect to it from your favorite browser.




On the left below the virtual keyboard you have the:  grab screen click on it, it will grab the current screen and display it to you.

Now select the checkbox and set the time to for exemple 3 seconds to get automatic refresh.


Then go into the above mentioned menu and change the parameters, HDMI, Mode, refresh rate and check when your TV will display something.



#1010265 Record complete transport stream.

Posted by Pr2 on 31 January 2019 - 07:38


init 4

Then type your command line, so we are sure that the tuners are not used


#998697 Translations for Enigma 2: Please post them here!

Posted by Pr2 on 13 January 2019 - 11:49

Please provide us then with the very latest and updated file. Thanks.

And also specify for which branch it is: develop or rc

#987413 X-Mas gift for translators: generate po on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux

Posted by Pr2 on 25 December 2018 - 17:59



A new script named:  updateallpo-multiOS.sh  has been added to the 'develop' and 'rc' branches of OpenPLi in the folder /enigma2/po/


Please check the pre-requisites to install depending on your OS: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and how to use it from our wiki page:




This will allow you to generate the very latest po (and mo files) from develop or rc branch.


All volunteers are welcome to help us improve the different translation files (.po files), but please only translate in your native languages avoid to propose automatic translation.


Enjoy and Merry X-Mas!




#983517 OpenPli 7 news and information

Posted by Pr2 on 17 December 2018 - 20:09



I have just started a quick wiki page to help Translators that are willing to help us with translation.




The wiki is pointing to the develop branch but if you want your translation to be already included in the future OpenPLi 7 please use this link to pick up the latest .po file.





#983445 Translations for Enigma 2: Please post them here!

Posted by Pr2 on 17 December 2018 - 18:01

@All Translators,


I have updated all the po files from the "rc" branch, the one used to build OpenPLi 7.0 (RC).




Can you please follow this link and check your respective po files?

Then propose your updated po files towards this 'rc' branch. 


If you want to have OpenPLi 7.0 fully translated you need to check and submit translation to this 'rc' branch.


Thanks for your help,



#983273 ServiceInfo Extended PID info

Posted by Pr2 on 17 December 2018 - 14:20

Fix for the untranslatable string + suppress the .upper() for lang is here:



#979461 OpenPli 7 news and information

Posted by Pr2 on 11 December 2018 - 12:06

don't know if I did catch question correctly
when i watch football match live i would like to PAUSE ... go out for few minutes.... and resume PLAY when i return
just by simple PAUSE/PLAY function
it continue timeshift until ill not STOP timeshift or change channel for example

This is the normal behaviour, you press pause this start the timeshift, when you are back you start watching what your have missed out, so you are no longer live but in timeshift.

So yes the STB needs to continue to record because your are now watching football with a delay due to timeshift, if you fast forward to return to live it continues recording this is also normal since you don't stop timeshift.  If you want to stop timeshift, press the STOP button or zap to another channel.

It is not because you are back to live mode with timeshift enabled that the box must decide by itself to stop timeshifting, some people use timeshift when watching program live to be able to go back and watch again the last action.

Some people even enable permanant timeshift to always be able to watch back.


So you need to press STOP if you want to really stop timeshift once enabled.

#975685 OpenPli-Image Flashing without Flashdrive

Posted by Pr2 on 3 December 2018 - 08:04

And you have nothing else connected by usb on the box, if so disconnect them all and just put the usb flash.

#975317 OpenPli-Image Flashing without Flashdrive

Posted by Pr2 on 2 December 2018 - 09:43

Just to be sure you press the OK button on the front panel to start the flash?

Or if you have a file named 'noforce' in the folder rename it into 'force'

#974805 OpenPli-Image Flashing without Flashdrive

Posted by Pr2 on 1 December 2018 - 10:43

Thanks please give us a feedback on your findings since this post can also, later on, help other members.

#974405 OpenPli-Image Flashing without Flashdrive

Posted by Pr2 on 30 November 2018 - 14:42

Is the flash drive not recognized at all? I mean can you access it when e2 is running.


Flash drive is recognized because he saw Flashing on the front LCD but it never ends.