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[ziggo] missing epg details from BBC First

25 July 2019 - 08:57

I'm using OpenPli 7.1 with EPG-Import and the Rytec "Nederland - Basis(xy)" and the "Nederland - Sport/Movies (xy)".


I'm missing Series number on BBC First series... with 27 series and about 8-16 episodes per serie it gets a bit difficult to see what episode to record and wich one to ignore...


When looking at the fetched EPG data, I see the following on the detail-page of a midsomer-murders episode:


It shows that the episode is split in 2 and that this is part 1, and the title of the episode, but it lacks the season-number.


On the TVGids page I see the following info:

Attached File  midsomer_murders-tvgids.png   365.39KB   1 downloads

Here the season does show!


As far as I can see the info about the season is not included in the XML file:

Attached File  midsomer_murders-xml.png   240.16KB   1 downloads


It would be great if the Series number could be added to the subtitle too!


Thanks in advance,